Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'The Golden Tree' (Part #352)

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'The Golden Tree'


Did you ever try to make a family tree? Ordinary people use pen and paper for accomplishing that task but not the Russian Emperor Alexander I who commisioned this gold-plated work of art for achieving the very same goal. Well, it is believed it was him who made the order.

The tree represents the rulers of the Russian Empire and it was made sometime in the 19th century. Not a single ruler was omitted and each found its place. Very impressive craftsmanship.

I wish it was known who was the artist but that fact is also lost during the turbulent times when the commie hordes eradicated every living member of the ruling family, including children. Their rampage gave birth to sick ideas of communism that brought so much suffering and injustice to millions.

It is insane that there are people, still, today, who will close eyes on the wrongdoings and glorify the communist ideals while daydreaming the promises of failed regimes which benefited the ruling castes. I believe the history has shown enough hard evidence.

On the other hand, it is not very likely that the rulers of the Empire were much kinder to people. :D However let's rather enjoy the display then waste energy dwelling upon history that cannot be changed. Since the future may never come, it is safe to assume that all we have is this beautiful moment right now.

Enjoy your day! :-)

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I was thinking that how brilliant artists born at that time who did their work without using technology which is really amazing.

It is just glorious. The detail and the gold and the obvious craftsmanship involved.

It's sort of a descriptor for the excesses of one system and a remarkable survivor from the excess of the next. I'm not smart enough to judge Communism as a bad system, but I am smart enough to know that as practiced in the 20th Century it was brutal and repressive to say the least.

Thanks for a great look at a marvelous artifact. Impressive indeed.

I've read about this genealogical tree earlier. Many emperors had a habit of knowing their genealogical tree. To admit honestly first I thought it was connected with the Roman Empire. Red and gold were their main colors.
But this work is truly admirable. The master who created it was a talented person if he was instructed to do this work for the emperor himself. Everyone has a place that is in the right order.

It is difficult to understand the history. Because here they teach that the Communists were good reformers, and the emperors were tyrants. But many who lived under communism have opposing views. Someone really admires this attempt to create an "unreal" communism. Others consider that time a real tyranny.
Thank you for sharing this wonderful work. Art is always causing me a sense of admiration! I like it!

really its very inteligent art of golden tress..just excellent shots photography. the tress body alots of gentle man photo.i am firstly seen this art of trees..its very dear friend.. @velimir It is difficult to understand the history. Because here they teach that the Communists were good reformers, and the emperors were tyrants. But many who lived under communism have opposing views. Someone really admires this attempt to create an "unreal" communism. Others consider that time a real tyran. Art is always causing me a sense of admiration! I like it!thanks to sharing for your amazing art of tress..very well done..take care yourself and best of luck of your great work.. may god bless you..

Wow, what a beautiful photography of Golden tree sir @velimir, I'm glad to see you have found this wonderful golden tree to show all of us, and what a beautiful name you have given to it, A FAmily Tree, A FAmily tree Gold tree is a tree which consists of the picture of the whole family as a leaves of the tree. Good to know the artist has included the Every ruler in the Tree. Very much impressive and interested AirCraft, I'm really impressed. SAd to know that no one knows about the artist :( It's has been lost like the ruler family :( sad to know that communism has hurt millions of people :( yes you are right, there are some people who watch the wrongdoing but don't take action against them :( That is insane. yes, I have also heart that the rulers were not kind to their people. They use to treat their nation very badly :( and that's kinda sad :( Besides these sad facts, I can witness that this is a very beautiful artwork by the unknown artist. I appreciate his work sir @velimir. have a good day sir and God bless you Always.

The Russian Empire was one of the largest empires in the history of the world with a land area that could only be stepped over by the British Empire and the Mongol Empire.

This empire was the successor of the Russian Ketsaran and the predecessor of the great communist state in the world of its time, the Soviet Union. Historians have begun compilation Ivan III conquered Novgorod or compilation Ivan IV conquered Kazan.

But officially this Empire was founded by Peter I with the Nystad agreement in 1721. By Peter I the system of government in Russia began to recognize autocratic government.

Tsar Alexander I was the most famous emperor, we really admire him with the greatness of a genius strategy fan against Napoleon. And the story is very legend everywhere.

An amazing piece of art and I haven't seen it before. This is really some great effort used in it to make this happen. The designer is very talented.

Yeah history should not be discussed and I think when you have a great piece of art in front of your eyes, every other thing is useless! Lol

Different idea with outstanding work

Hmm well this is quite touching, very insightful as well it's really beautiful especially staring at how various individuals are brought through one chain of a family tree. How greatness begat greatness.interesting content, Good art too. Steemon sir!

Wonderful photography.. I like this traveling.great art..all the best..
Update and resteemit..

What would you say all the songs are awesome? That's what you really like to see travel to see this picture. Do not forget to tell me how my comments feel to you.

Hola @velimir
Muy interesante y buena la idea de Alejandro I
Me dedicaré a elaborar el mío. Pero será con latón.
Creo que mejor lo hago con lápiz y papel.
Saludos y Gracias.

Great art work friend, Very impressive craftsmanship., I love it so much. Thanks for sharing

Tienes toda la razón, Es una locura pero todavía hay gente, que están enceguecidos y siguen detrás de esas mañas acciones a las malas acciones comunistas soñando despierta con las promesas savias y huecas.

A very beautiful family tree. A lot of relics were lost during the Communist rule in Russia. Unfortunately.

Increible pero muy cierto tu mensaje @velimir. Hermosas imagenes, como siempe.

@velimir this is not just a work of art: this is a work of creativity, passion, love, energy and greatness. This is so exquisite. Your work is golden. Wow

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