Two day getaway!

2개월 전


Good morning from Denver, Colorado! This trip with friends was a bit sudden but it was hard to pass up. I’ve known these gals since I was five and the last trip we took together was when we were twelve. I’m ready to make new memories!

I showed up at my friend house at 3:30AM, dead tired. The three of us only had 2-3hrs of sleep, due to various reasons. For me, it was @guthrie having an unexpected nightmare, the notifications buzzing on my phone and a handful of other miscellaneous things. What made it painful was how I’d nod off for 30-45 mins and then get woken up. I shouldn’t have even bothered. My alarm went off at 2:50AM and I stumbled out of bed. I made the short 25min drive out to my friends place and we carpooled to the airport.

We arrived an hour early but that was fine by me. I get anxious when I have to go to the airport. I’m always afraid of getting delayed and missing my flight. I also hate the smell of the filtered air on planes, it makes me nauseous. After printing our tickets out at the kiosk, we were surprised to discover that we were all seated in the same row! It’s amazing because our tickets were purchased at different times and dates.

We arrived safely in Denver, didn’t sleep and opted to go hiking right away! I’ll share more photos/videos in another post!

Thanks for stopping by!🦊

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Have fun!
However, the reason for my comment...
I was there a while back. And noticed an odd (eerie?) feeling while there.
Neither of us could figure it out. We chalked it up to either altitude or quietness.
Do you experience the same while there, and did you figure it out? It's one of my unsolved mysteries.


I had so much fun and I have to agree with you on the overall eerie feeling I got while I was visiting. Then again, I was running on two hours of sleep and my head felt like it would burst as we ascended the mountain. I’ll have to stay longer next time and see if anything changes!