Fantastic trip to Rome, Italy: part 19


The Masterpieces of Street Master.


The Altare Della Patria had started to build in the late 19th century (in the year 1885). The author of the project was Giuseppe Sacconi, who seemed to be haunted by the ancient ruins of Rome, erected in the Empire style.


For the construction of this building, the architect and builders, who spoke so fervently in their speeches about the monuments of history and architecture of Rome, without slightest hesitation and doubt, demolished a city block for the Altare Della Patria construction. Destroyed city block was built in the Middle Ages and consisted of various palaces and luxurious houses built in the Renaissance style.


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Love animals/bugs created out of wood!

St Malachy. 112 Popes. IHS. Spooky place.


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Thx for reply

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Looks like fun! I love those animal sculptures, how great! I've always wanted to visit Rome, thanks so much for the inspiration.


Agreed. I won't buy one since I'm trying to live a minimalist life but I'd love to admire them and learn how they're created.


Thanks for reply

I wait for the next yours stories.

truly are masterpieces!


i meal i bet they each had 2 hours to be created surely! maybe even more!

Wow, really this is an amazing place.

Grandioso tu trabajo me gusto mucho.

Hello heaven, this place is beautiful, I would love to take a walk, what a privilege, kisses

I voted for you, if you want to go through my blog I'm new


This post is wonderful

Wow, Great photo and awesome place.

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You just talk

What are those tiny figures made of? It's my first time ever to see that kind of art.


It’s from dried grass or leaves


Whoa!Really? That's just amazing. Man, I'd love to learn how to make it I bet it would be fun.

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i agree they are masterpieces! they looked so real.

incredible art. so impressive

that's what we call real talent.

Amazing!! they look real. great contribution


thx for reply

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Very amazing photography of nature, have a great journey


Very amazing
Photography of nature,
Have a great journey

                 - stellavincit

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Very nice images, those people are very talented in making those wooden animals. I feel jealous lol! because you've been in the place I dream of! I love Rome, the architecture, the history, food, dialect! Please do write more about Rome and I will absolutely love it!


nice, i wish you to visit it someday!

That artwork was so amazing!