Vamma Hydroelectric Power Station, Askim, Østfold in Norway

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I was very impressed by seeing this building by a power station
I want to share the pictures with you of the great construction work

20190607_144739 7 A.jpg

I know very little about Vamma Hydroelectric Power Stationn so I have info from Wikipedia here

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Vamma Hydroelectric Power Station
Vamma kraftstasjon 1.JPG
Vamma kraftstasjon
Official name Vamma kraftverk
Country Norway
Location Østfold
Coordinates 59°32′29″N 11°10′12″ECoordinates: 59°32′29″N 11°10′12″E
Construction began 1907
Opening date 1915; 104 years ago
Owner(s) E-CO Energi
Operator(s) E-CO Energi
Power Station
Hydraulic head 28.5 m
Turbines 11
Installed capacity 215 MW
Capacity factor 67.7%
Annual generation 1,275 GW·h
Vamma Power Station (Vamma kraftstasjon) is a hydroelectric power station located in the river Glomma approximately 4.5 km south of Askim, Østfold, Norway.
Sam Eyde formed Vamma Fossekompagnie in 1902 to build a power plant for a fertilizer factory. The factory plans were canceled in 1912 and Vamma Fossekompagnie was sold to Hafslund (company).
Construction of the power station started in 1907 and in 1915 the first two turbines were completed. Another six turbines were built between 1915 and 1927. In 1944 the final two were complete. The installed capacity at that point was 113 MW from ten horizontal Fancis turbines with double impellers.

Between 1967 and 1971 a Kaplan turbine was built, adding another 110 MW, and it now operates at an installed capacity of 215 MW, with an average annual production of 1,275 GWh.[1]

In 2015 the construction of a twelfth turbine began on the south side of the dam. This is also a Kaplan turbine rated at 128 MW. The new turbine will allow the ten old turbines to only be used during the spring flood season, giving the plant more flexibility. The turbine is expected to add another 230GWh to the annual production. Testing of the turbine began on 16 May 2019.[2]
With the new turbine in operation it will be the largest run-of-the-river hydroelectric plant in Norway.

20190607_144756 8 A.jpg

20190607_144810 9 A.jpg

20190607_144825 10 A.jpg

20190607_144837  11 A.jpg

IMG_0297 1 A.JPG

IMG_0302 6 A.JPG

IMG_0299 3 A.JPG

IMG_0300 4 A.JPG

IMG_0301 5 A.JPG

thanks for watching

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Beautiful photos

You managed to take photos from various sides to illustrate the power plant well.
Great hydroelectric power station. By managing the Glomma River, it is one of the solutions for electricity needs that are environmentally friendly. With the availability of good water discharge, it will guarantee the availability of electricity in the region.
This will distinguish electricity sources that use fossil power sources such as coal, which will certainly be endless, and produce pollution for the environment.
however, by constructing dams on rivers and using them to drive turbines to produce 215 MW of electricity it is a business that must continue to be supported so that the government can guarantee the electricity needs of its citizens. If the construction of turbines is multiplied by calculating the flow of water and electricity needs, it will certainly make a surplus of electricity so that there is no worry about power shortages.
Amazingly, this hydroelectric power plant has been started since 1907. 112 years ago. is a very visionary thought that has been carried out by the ancestors, and salutes the successors who continue to develop this environmentally friendly electricity.
Thank you @xpilar
Warm regard from Indonesia


thanks for your nice description @rokhani


you are welcome

great contribution and nice pictures :)

That is cool!

... luxurious architectural design of its time and has a unique luxury in the present.

One more thing, I feel comfortable every time I see a photo that you produce. Maybe, the lighting factor is the key.

Enjoy your trip ...

Thank you 🙏

Great photos @xpilar, this powerhouse looks amazing with its architecture and the rapid flow of water!

That is very impressive

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Excellent friend structure, we urgently need one of that quality here in my country Venezuela. Very good pictures.

Hello @xpilar, how are you doing? Wow ... really a very amazing hydroelectric plant building. Even though it looks like an ancient building but it's really amazing. Even I first thought this was an ancient castle. I think this is also suitable to be developed into a tourist destination. I don't know your country deeply. Because I never traveled abroad. All I know is that your country is located in Europe, which I learned from the map when I was in elementary school. Maybe by reading your posts I will get to know your country very beautifully. Enjoy your day, sir.


Nice to hear, thank you so much @elianaelisma

Nice photos, @xpilar! Always good to see where our green energy comes from :)

wow beautiful photographs of Vamma Hydroelectric Power Station.
it is really interesting to visit this kind of places. thanks for share with us..

That is very interesting building, it is easy recognize that it was build early 20th century. Nice that it is still working, one of the green energy source, like the view that you see from the bench, nice green hills and trees.

When I see such construction I think about old fashioned water-mill that people used in the past :)


Yes, I love such older buildings and with beautiful scenery around

A very beautiful and amazing building

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very pleasant trip with a very unique building

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Wow that's a great Imagination pic.. absolutely brilliant.. keep it up

Beautiful pictures, beautiful buildings, very comfortable for a place to relax, looks like a good place to visit.

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Amazing as usual, Very beautiful pic :)


Welcome :)

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Impresionante obra , iniciada en 1907 y culminada en veintiocho años, momento en que prueban las turbinas.Las fotos dan idea de su magnitud.Excelentes fotos xpilar.Felicitaciones.

Wow what beautiful pictures, I imagine lived an extraordinary experience the day they took these photos during family vacations.

Uufff really beautifull 😍😍



most welcome @xpilar again thanks for good reply

You shared excellent shots from there so good to see this : )

Wow. That look great

the photo you are showing looks good sir. You take photos of every corner of this power plant building. and I am very fascinated by the beauty of this building.

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What A great building, I want to buy

Nice pictures, @xpilar. The reservoir and the park around it look like a nice place to visit as well.

great photography very nice place my dear friend @xpilar

Beautiful old building.

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#wow @xpillar thats amazing photography . i impressed . keep it up . have a great day.


Very good postigan I like to see it

They are some incredible pictures of the hydroelectric power station, I like them a lot!


thank you @solangeh

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You're welcome @xpilar

Excelente estructura, necesitamos una así en mi pais Venezuela pero de manera urgente, muy buenas fotografías .


hope that it will be better for you in the future @adrimonte

together, Pak @xpilar, can I be a friend who is closer to you ?? I'm sorry, sir, my xpilar is presumptuous, Megajak is your friend?


You are a friend like everyone else here.
But you don't blog in Steemit, why? @donclo

Truly an extraordinary hydroelectric station building.


This building is magnificent and the water around it so powerful makes it look great.


thank you @elider11

Beautiful architecture

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thank you @csharma

Good night @xpilar, you can see that it is a great construction, which at first glance does not look like a hydroelectric plant, has similarity to Roman constructions, is very nice, and I imagine they have no operational problems.
I would like my country (Venezuela) to have one like this and to stop suffering from the problems of electrical rationing that we experience every day.


In Norway we are lucky, we have such power stations @leca


Hello @xpilar, how good! God willing that they take care of them and do the maintenance in the established times so that they last.