Travel Digest #318

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Hi everyone! It's @livinguktaiwan here and @steemitworldmap are back!! Over the weekend we had some issues with our hosting provider and the posts weren't getting pinned onto the map. That's why the #traveldigest went AWOL for a few days. We're glad to tell you that we're now back up and running as normal! So keep pinning your great travel posts to the @steemitworldmap. We're still curating all the backlog from the past few days, but here's some great gems that we want to share with you first.

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Travel Digest

#1 Ta Van, a good alternative for busy Sa Pa and the same endless rice fields!

Our first featured post is from @steef-05 who's continuing his Vietnam trip. He's moving up north to the Sa Pa Region. Tourism has grown significantly here in recent years so he decided to go to a town called Ta Van which is about 11km away and less crowded than Sa Pa. Ta Van is a small and peaceful village, great for hiking around the rice fields. His guide is from one of the local tribes, and during the 14km hike took him pass the valley overlooking the rice fields, and through many small villages. During his stay there, he also attending a cooking class, learning to cook some local dishes.

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#2 The Wind and Thunder Gods, Dragons / Kenninji

Next we're going to Kyoto in Japan with @shibasaki. He starts his trip from Tokyo and catches the Shinkansen bullet train that travels at 285km per hour. In less than 2.5hours time he's arrived at Kyoto. His first stop is Gion, the birthplace of Japanese geisha culture. Next is Kenninji the oldest Zen temple in Kyoto that was built in 1202. As an artist, he is particularly interested in the many paintings inside the temple, such as the massive dragon drawn on the ceiling to commenmorate 800 years of the temple's founding, and The Wind and Thunder Gods paintings that is believed to date back to the late 1630s. After admiring he artwork, the wanders outside to the beautifully manicured gardens, perfect to wind down for the day.

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#3 My new favourite hangout in Bangkok!

Our last featured post is from @beyondpadthai, she takes us around to Klong Bang Luang in her home country Thailand. Klong means canal in Thai, and people have been living here for ages, and still keep to many of the old traditions. There's a small temple here, just like the ones you would find all over Thailand, and a floating market, but it seems that the stores aren't really on the water. Houses wise, the people live in wooden houses along the canal which makes a great backdrop for taking photos.

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Thank you!! As always 💓

Haha provider issues :D I know that :D glad u r back guys, I really like this idea of yours...wondering how will the map look like in couple of years :D alternative to tripadvisor maybe?


Yeah! Provider issues, what a pain!!!
We have over 30k pins on the Steemitworldmap already within a year who know how far we can go? ^_^

Thank you!

Thank you so much for the honourable mention! :)


Those were beautiful photos @fiftysixnorth


Thank you :)

Glad to see you back online! And what a welcome =)


It's good to be back online again, so much great stuff to go through