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Travel Digest

#1 King of the Biebrza River by @jakub1234

"King" invites me to the cottage. Just the entrance and the porch arouses my interest. Lots of different items here. Old wicker baskets, wooden sculptures, horseshoes, bells, farm tools. Everything looks like it's a hundred years old. The first impression after going inside is the incredible narrowness resulting from the huge amount of various artifacts accumulated here. First of all, there are wooden figurines of various sizes - from ordinary people, through religious figures, animals, to terrible demons.

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#2 STREET ART #53 – How street art is used as a tool in urban renewal (Mauritius) by @digi-me

Port Louis, the capital of Maurtius, has in the last three to four years received quite an amount of street art worth checking out. The city is colorful and lively from before, but the street art helps to give the city a whole new dimension. The Porlwi festival (cultural festival) of the past few years has contributed to this by inviting both local and international artists to town.

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#3 Sea fish market at Cox's Bazar- Bangladesh. Oh! It was a bonus to visit the seafood market too! by @rem-steem

Fish Market is quite different in Bangladesh. The way people sell fish, the way they preserve may not match what we usually get to see in other parts of the world.And if you know, in most of the local markets, you have to bargain to buy anything. And the same thing happens to the fish market too. So you have to have good knowledge of fish and the price. Though there are different online services are available nowadays. But you know you can always get the best quality, fresh at a reasonable price from a local seller.

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Thanks for sharing more street art with us from around the world.

Thank you so much for the recognition and support, I truly appreciate it! 😄👍


You're welcome!