Travel Digest #834

2개월 전


Hello everyone @LivingUKTaiwan here with today's edition of the #traveldigest. With the coronavirus still lingering around us, it's probably best that we stay away from the crowds. With that in mind, our Top 3 posts today takes you to the mountains at Cebu in the Philippines and South Carolina in USA, and the wilderness in Utah, also in USA. Enjoy.

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Our winners today 🍍

🥇 Definitely Cebu #11: Climbing Mt. Mauyog by @ybanezkim26

As we were nearing the summit, I noticed that the ground seems to be a little shaky and bouncy. More sharp rock protrusions can also be observed so we had to be very careful in our ascent and we had to use all of our four limbs in the process. I think the name of Mt. Mauyog was derived from the Bisaya term "mauyog" which means shaky. I swear the ground was really bouncy at some parts. It might be due to the rock formations that were overladen and held together by tree roots and then covered with moss. Some parts might be hollow, hence the bouncy or shaky feeling.

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🥈 Three Sisters, Two Seasons by @thekittygirl

There are three cute little mountains near where I am currently living. I've always heard them called the "Three Sisters" because they are so close together and similar in size. They're not very big, as they are situated in the piedmont (the foot of the mountains) where the larger mountains give way to smaller mountains and rolling foothills. But, these three are definitely steeper and larger than mere hills and the surrounding countryside.

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🥉 Share My World: Between Big Water and Alstrom Point, Utah by @sjarvie5

Yes! I have been to Utah a lot and have never seen anything like this very southern Utah landscape. Like this dark rock mound, facinating! Or this barren landscape. Here we have some plateaus in the distance. Here is map to give you an idea of where in Utah we were.The body of water that you see at Alstrom Point is Lake Powell.Right across the Arizona border is Page (which is where I spent the first three years of my life).At the bottom of the map is the Grand Cayon National Park.On the upper left side is Zion National Park.

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Honorable Mentions

  • City, Vologda, Russia by @amikphoto
  • Sunrise, Hochstadel, Austria by @johannpiber
  • Mountaina, Phitsanulok, Thailand by @julee
  • Palace, Abu Dhabi, UAE by @arrliinn
  • Ferry ride, Cook Strait, New Zealand by @cryptospa
  • Fortress, Smederevo, Serbia by @bubica
  • Sculpture, Weston Super Mare, UK by @ammonite
  • Walk, Kentucky, USA by @nuthman
  • Cemetry, Pilsen, Czech by @jjprac
  • Fort, Bengkulu, Indonesia by @razack-pulo

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