Travel Digest #96

3년 전

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Welcome to the 96th edition of #traveldigest! Enjoy!
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Hi. It's @choogirl here. I hope you're all having a great Friday (or Saturday if you're further along the timezone). I don't know about you but I'm really looking forward to the weekend and relaxing at my pool. It's been a long week!

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#1 Inle Lake, Myanmar

@damnthatbanana starts us off at Inle Lake, Myanmar today. Renting a boat for the day is reasonably inexpensive and will get you to all the main tourist spots. However, after returning to land and reviewing his photographs, he asks the question "are the fishermen staged or fake?". He raises some interesting points regarding the fishermen and their boats. You can decide whether you think they are real or paid actors.

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#1 Inle Lake, Myanmar

#2 North Head Campground, New South Wales, Australia

@onethousandwords is back with another one of her amazing travel stories. This time she's beach camping in a National Park in New South Wales, Australia. However, her trip quickly turns into the stuff of nightmares as she contends with throngs of noisy campers, overflowing toilets, and the local wildlife. The silver lining is she gets to witness the once-a-year Geminids Meteor Shower on a perfect night, free from clouds and light pollution.

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#2 North Head Campground, New South Wales, Australia

#3 El Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

Our final pick is another gifted travel storyteller @dylan007. He takes us on a journey to beautiful Patagonia to visit the El Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina—a natural spectacle that offers a glimpse into our ice-covered past. When he's not out on the boat's deck and battling the icy Antartic winds to get the perfect photo, he bonds with his three new Latina mothers, who provide candy and company as he drinks an endless supply of hot chocolate and some whisky.

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#3 El Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

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so stunning keep it up!!

Hi guys and congrats for your great work!

I do believe in your project and I hope you will find the time to check my observations in order to fix any bugs or to fix my brain's bugs :P

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    Could you please check it here?

Thank you in advance :)

p.s. Please help me to post my beautiful photos of Crete in your map :)


Hi @katerinaramm. Thanks for the feedback. Your first one is working. Not sure what was happening before, but it's there now.

The second one is a little more strange. I've asked @martibis to check it out.


Thank you so very much! Also thank you for commenting on my post <3
Lots of appreciation all the way from Crete, Greece!

Thanks for taking the time to include my post here!
I'm enjoying the other articles that you posted as well :)
Keep up the good work!


Your posts are always great @peterkkim96. Thanks for pinning them to the map.

Thanks for featuring my article guys, very proud and happy to be a part of your #TravelDigest and great to discover so many other talented travel writers and photographers here! Resteemed accordingly! More articles and photos coming soon @dylan007 :)


You're welcome. We can't wait to see what you write next!

All 3 places look so beautiful & peaceful in the pics! Myanmar in particular is one of the places I've always wanted to travel to - hopefully I make it there some day!

nice digest, thanks for sharing @steemitworldmap.i was resteem.

Keep up the great work! Always enjoying the read :)

Still a lot of good reports. Thank you at all authors. And thank you for the honorable to mine !

Thanks so much for mentioning my article! Really proud to be part of such a collection :)


They were some lovely photos.

Very nice photos. :)

@choogirl... that post from @onethousandwords was incredible... easily one of the best travel posts I've ever seen. Well done everyone!

Thanks for highlighting these articles. Love the writing of @onethousandwords

Great photos, great post. I love steemitworldmap <3.

Thanks for the feature. I'm off to check out the other content. Appreciate your work.

As allways, very stunning pictures and stories. I like the first picture the most because it shows people in action and the light is very nice. Keep up your work.

The pictures are absolutely beautiful. I really enjoyed reading your article. Thanks for posting.