Travel Digest #515

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Hi. It's @choogirl here with another edition of #traveldigest! Enjoy!

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Travel Digest

#1 Mari kart through the streets of Tokyo! by @vcclothing

"After a quick briefing on how to use the go karts we got to pick out our costumes and then got familiar with our go karts. Now you actually drive these on the streets and roads of Tokyo so all the normal road rules apply. If you hit a car or a parked car you have to file a police report, luckily no reports were filed on our ride."
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#2 The Dagomba: A Cultural Primer by @for91days

"Another interesting cultural aspect of the Dagomba (and other tribes of Northern Ghana) is the facial scarring. Children are marked at birth with distinctive patterns cut into their cheeks… this identifies them as part of a certain family or faction."
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#3 Finnmark plateau, the highland of Norway by @harkar

"Finnmark is the most northwestern part of the mainland in Europe. Where I live we are always surrounded of high mountains and fjords. It is always nice to experience the vast horizon and sky with clouds all around me. The view is not stopped by a steep mountain or high forest."
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You're welcome! Great post.

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Thank you for the feature much appreciated 😊

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It looked very cool.


It sure was alot of fun!!

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Congratulations @vcclothing @for91days and @harkar for your wonderful features in the steemitworld Travel Digest #515 edition and to all on the honourable mentions list.

Thank you @choogirl and @steemitworldmap including my blog here too and for your generous support. It is truly appreciated. (U & R )