Travel Digest #531

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Hi. It's @choogirl here with another edition of #traveldigest! Enjoy!

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Travel Digest

#1 Dingle, Ireland - Travel #35 by @vegoutt-travel

"The first thing that struck me was the vibrant colour of the buildings. Apparently in 1970, Dingle entered into the Tidy Towns competition and thought that by painting their buildings different colours, it would get them the gold, unfortunately it didn't but it did give them a gorgeous town nonetheless."
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#2 Hanshini - a weird place up in the mountains by @livinguktaiwan

"…in 2005 a Dutch scientist said that Taiwan has a very high amount of energy, even higher than Sedona of Arizona in the States. The concentration point of this energy in Taiwan, the power spot, is at none other than the range of mountains around Hanshini!"
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#3 We'll be coming round the mountain when we come by @carlgnash

"After Red Ledges, Diamond Fork road narrows as it ascends, the steep canyon walls pressing on one side and in places a vertical drop to the creek on the other. Soon you will notice a very strong sulfur smell and whiteish blue mineral water seeping out along the uphill side of the road."
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