Adventure Life to Visit Bangabandhu Safari Park,Gazipur


Adventure Life to Visit Bangabandhu Safari Park,Gazipur

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**Hey whats up my all steemit friends?**

**Hope you are okay**

**And also i am so fine**

Yesterday i was visit Bangabandhu Safari Park At Gazipur, Dhaka with my Beloved Mother.we are staying this park about 3 Hours and visit all Animal Khacha and captured lots of know that Bangabandhu safari park is most tourist spot in dhaka city lots of visitors from foreign are also visit this park and enjoy their time.

So Todays my vlog about this animal photography, lets go i will share with you my capturing gorgeous animal photography.

Its a african lion thats looking so crazy. When i capture it in mean time lion was seen another site. I am taken it from outside of khacha.

Today's bright day. I am Going to share my capturibg bright photography for my beloved friends. So lets go i am going to share with this bright and colourful photography.

Lets i going to share with you my experting and capturing photography uncovered with you.

This pigeon name is Siraji.

This pigeon i bought today to care from my favouritism. Hope you are like it.

Thats a aquarium fish. Lots of Ocean fish are gathered into aquarium. Thats look so gorgeous.

I hope its enough for today's feed. Hope you are enjoying with this vlog.thanks

>This my #originalcontent thanks for @ocd@ocdb and @curangel for always support the original content) Read my word and Enjoy my shot. After this I will share my post on my twitter here @ahmanikdu47 please let #steemonboarding like @anomadsoul recomendation.

>My name is Abul Hasanat Manik. I am from Dhaka,Bangladesh.its a north asian Country. my steemit name is @ahmanik47 i was start my steemit journey from September 2019. I am a student of dhaka University. now i am studying M.A (Masters Of Arts). I am always try to make gorgeous photography vlog and also try to make video vlog in this here. I couldn’t able to lots of time in here but i stock my everyday some hours for steemit.

If you like my photography vlog please upvote comment with resteem and also follow me.


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The lion looks so beautiful.

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