Villa near Monopoli

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Overnight in a new place.

Another day in Italy came to an end and I began to look for a place to sleep. The booking service helped me find several accommodation options for this night in the area of ​​Monopoli. One of these places was a villa located 15 kilometers from the city. It is not far away and in addition, the very high rating of this hotel made me go there.

I want to tell a curious thing that happened to me. The fact is that by the time I went to the side of this hotel it was already dark. Until this day, I did not have to drive this rented car in the dark. When I started the engine, I saw that the bushes in front of the car were lit by headlights.
“Excellent,” I thought, deciding that the headlights would automatically turn on in the dark. But when I drove onto an unlit road, I realized that this was not the light from the headlights, but from the navigation lights. A little fog fell over the road and driving in the dark without the headlights was very unpleasant. I began to look for the touch of the headlight switch. It was an Opel Corsa car and I did not immediately manage to understand the logic of the location of the switches. In addition, having found the headlamp control wheel, instead of turning on the light, on the contrary, I turned off even the running lights. In a word, I began to twitch and do strange things. I wanted to stop, but this could not be done, since I was on a narrow path without a curb, and besides, it was very winding.
I decided to go with a high beam, which turned on, but for some reason it was not fixed. Well, at least the distance was not great, and soon I was already in place.
We arrived at a beautiful villa, standing among large trees.
We were met by a pleasant host who led us inside and showed our room. It was a large and beautiful room with a vaulted ceiling. The owner of the villa explained what and where is located and said that the minibar is completely free and at our disposal.
It is very cute.
We were tired and immediately went to bed. In the morning, breakfast was waiting for us with the owners of the villa. And then I went around to inspect this place.
Around the house were large olive trees. It can be seen that agriculture is an important part of the life of the owners of the villa. In the morning there was a very bright sun and a blue sky. We were on a hillock and enjoying the warmth of an Italian morning. In the lowlands lay a dense fog. As soon as I went down the mountain, I was in dense layers of this fog. The sun shone through the mist.
This is an amazing feeling at the end of October for me, a man from Russia, accustomed to the need to dress warmly and miss the sun in the fall.

The villa is called "Villa Enea". I would recommend it for travelers. Find it in Booking if you are in Monopoli.




























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