Tonkotsu Ramen from.. Tonkotsu London

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Tonkotsu is a network in UK that has ramen, actually not just tonkotsu (this is a type) but that is how its called.

I wouldnt say they are good, i mean ok but nothing good if you been to real asian spots worldwide.

From their site:

We put our heart and soul into making sure every bowl of ramen that leaves our kitchen arrives on your table ready to rock your world. Because to us, there’s no experience more fulfilling than serving modern ramen, in unique restaurants, full of interesting people.

It’s what gets us out of bed and into work at 5:59am every morning. When our chefs put pot to stove and start making the day’s signature stock – from scratch. Timing the addition of every ingredient to the second, they create the perfectly balanced, rich stock flavours we pride ourselves on.

While the stock simmers, our fresh noodles are made. Using mid-century noodle-making machines imported from Japan, we make three different types of ramen noodle – Tokyo, Tsukemen and Tonkotsu. Each has unique characteristics, developed to complement our different stocks.

And then there’s our bases. Bursting with flavour combinations so precise they make digital scales nervous, each is added to every bowl of ramen with great care. Because when you’ve got perfectly balanced stock and fresh, homemade noodles, getting the seasoning spot on is what takes our ramen from good to wowyouhavetotrythis!

No wonder our front-of-house team are so proud to bring out your meal and tell you all about it.


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