Why I’ll be Using the #Travelfeed Tag Way More in 2019


Hi Friends!

Although I can’t spill all the juicy details just yet – I am super excited at how my 2019 is starting to shape up. Large in part because it looks like I’ll be traveling and having adventures more than I ever have in my life before. So far, I’ve got a few trips lined up, such as going to Mexico in February for Anarcapulco, the Creators Conference in Austin, TX in April, and many more potential trips that haven’t quite solidified yet.

By the way… I know this cover photo is #fakenews. I’m not on some warm, sunny beach somewhere. That photo was taken a few years ago in Mexico. I’m actually in a parka and earmuffs right now. That’s part of why I’m so excited to travel more next year – to find some warmer weather!

Going to Steemfest, I really wanted to try and connect with more of the travel community since I’ll be making more travel content this coming year. Just like with any of the big, generic tags like “life” and “photography” – it can be easy to feel like a fish in the sea with the “travel” tag as well. Just like with any type of content here on Steemit – the best way to get plugged in is to find the smaller pockets of community.

I was so fortunate to meet @guchtere and @for91days on my last day of Steemfest! @for91days and I actually had the exact same flight out the next morning and they offered to give me a ride to the airport, because @guchtere had a car there. This was such a huge help because Uber in Poland was super unreliable and I wasn’t looking forward to trying to catch one to the airport early in the morning. Once at the airport, @for91days and I had a couple hours to chill and have some great conversation. It was one of my favorite memories from Steemfest and now I chat with both of them on a regular basis!

IMG_9567 46.JPG

@for91days and I hanging out in the business lounge before our flight.

Why did I just tell that story? Because they are both leaders in the @travelfeed community.

#TravelFeed – An Awesome Resource and Community for Travel Bloggers on Steemit

I feel so much more excited about making some travel content next year now that I’ve gotten to know more of the Travel Feed family! If you post travel content – I’d highly recommend checking them out.

Here’s part of why I love them.

  • If you use the #travelfeed tag in your travel posts – you may be eligible for an upvote from their curation team. I think it’s such an awesome initiative to promote quality Travel content on the platform!

  • The @travelfeed account regularly re-steems quality travel content that use their tag.

  • They do several round-up posts by region to showcase some of the best content from the week. This could be a cool way for your work to get extra exposure.

  • They have some awesome future plans for developing a platform to grow and serve the travel community on Steem. They have talked about having location dots on a map to connect with other travelers, couch surfing and meetup options, and they have even talked about maybe hosting a co-working space for Steemians in Valencia, Spain.

  • The people are super cool and super nice. End of story.

If travel content is something you appreciate here on the platform – @travelfeed is always looking for delegations to help support their curation efforts.

Cheers to Lots of Adventures in 2019!

You know how sometimes you have those years that totally end up shifting and changing you? I think 2019 is going to be like that for me… I can feel it in my bones already!

Do you guys have any fun travel plans coming up? Would love to hear what you are up to!

Xo, Lea



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I agree - the @travelfeed team saved me from leaving the platform actually as I was feeling a little empty after 6-7 months, then I found them and haven't looked back! I love reading all the posts that are in their discord and I can't wait to share more of my adventures as I go travelling next year! Still have a lot to post before then though :)

I'll be jetting off to Australia next year in April and hoping to go to New Zealand as well so will be posting about my travels then if possible!

Keep up the great work #travelfeed! So cool you got to meet @for91days and @guchtere as well, them and the other team leaders like @livinguktaiwan, @mrprofessor, @jpphotography, @delishtreats and @wanderlass are awesome!


aww that's such an amazing story @nickyhavey!! It sounds like you've got tons of awesome adventures coming up for you next year. So exciting!


It's a giant step in to the unknown so don't really know what I am getting myself into Haha! But it will be an adventure nonetheless, pretty scared if I am honest but once I fly out, it will probably be absolutely fine Haha.

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Nice ! #travelfeed would have been perfect for my one month steemit challenge this summer traveling throughout Switzerland and Greece...

It’s great that your travels have connected you with so many other community members! Are most of your travels based around steemit initiatives ??

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Too bad you didn't know about TF beforehand. Hope you have some fun travels coming up.


I know, seriously !! But now I know and will definitely utilize @travelfeed in the future 😃

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Yes - most of my travels are based on Steem! You know you are addicted when you use all your vacation time to attend Steem events. haha

By the way, your month of travel this summer sounds incredible!! Switzerland and Greece look so beautiful.


That’s pretty awesome, though. There aren’t too many steemians from my neck of the woods (at least that I know of), so I haven’t really been able to do any meetups. I was, however, pretty fortunate to meet and connect with some incredible folks like @the-beard, @steemitri and @kus-knee when I was in Europe this summer !!

Cheers ☺️

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Oh rad, looks like you might go to Anarcho... I'll be there.

I'm cutting the rain the end of January and going to Costa Rica... Then Mexico mid Feb.

I feel you on the cold weather. I love the rain when it gets wild... plus the fireplace, but I'm over it by the end of January.

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Welcome to the TravelFeed family, we are very happy to have you on board :)


aww thank you @jpphotography! I'm super excited to use this tag more next year as I'm traveling around! :)

It's just so nice to be part of a community instead of just posting random travel stuff here and there.

Congratulations! Your high-quality travel content was selected by @travelfeed curator @jpphotography and earned you a reward, in form of a 100% upvote and a resteem. Your work really stands out! Your article now has a chance to get featured under the appropriate daily topic on our TravelFeed blog.
Thank you for being part of the TravelFeed community!

Learn more about our travel project on Steemit by clicking on the banner above and join our community on Discord


aww thanks guys! <3

First of all #boxanxiety

Speaking of boxes.... does this mean you will be traveling with you Lucky Mene Box??

If yes.... HELL YESAH!!


hahahh I'm never going to take that box out of my car now. LOL

I'll either be traveling with my lucky mene box... or lucky mene pouch if I don't have room. haha


I have one in every car possible lol. That includes family

Thanks for promoting @travelfeed, one of my favorite curation projects on Steemit. An awesome community of travelers have gathered around them :)

Safe travels @coruscate!


aww thanks @phortun! Yeah the Travel feed crew is so great and I love that they are curating quality travel content. That's such a huge market and has a lot of potential to attract and retain travel bloggers on Steem.

@travelfeed and @steemitworldmap are probably my two favorite accounts/initiatives on Steemit. They are both great at encouraging users to post quality content and at acknowledging users who post to their tags. And although I am not a regular in the travelfeed discord, when I am there I always see great posts and find useful information. Plus, travel people are generally good people.

Enjoy your 2019 adventures! ☺️

Oh! I wish I were jetting around with you. I hope to make Austin, but who knows. Travel is more tricky as a mom. But I'm thrilled that you're getting to explore and play, it's the best. I also hear you on your reasons to use #travelfeed. Awesomesauce! ;)


Oh i bet. Traveling when you have kids is super tricky. You made it to Poland for Steemfest though! Hope to see you at Steemfest again next year - or maybe in Kamloops if i head up that way to visit family. haha

Sounds really good. I am a travel person myself, having been to over 55 countries so far in my lifetime. Hope to add to that list soon. Yes It is cold where I am here now in Canada. snow and parka at moment. Nothing wrong with a photo from Mexico to warm things up. really enjoyed the video. Look forward to your next one!!!


We would love for you to use our tag, and I'm still amazed to still run into travelers on Steemit I haven't met before. If you like join our Discord, there are over 600 other Steemians interested in travel hanging out.


Woah 55 countries? That's amazing. Yeah I bet you would love being part of the Travel Feed crew - you'd fit right in. Where in Canada are you? I live just across the border close to Vancouver but am actually a dual citizen and have family all over Canada. :)


Nice!! i am in Thunder Bay, lol, right in the middle of it all. Where is your next adventure?

Thanks for sharing about #travelfeed. In my line of work I'm always travelling be it for work or leisure.
So I'll be joining soon


You should definitely join @ireenchew! I am in there so you have no excuse 😛

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Oh that's perfect! Cool that you get to travel so much for work!


We hope to see your #travelfeed tagged posts soon! Looking forward to it.

  ·  작년

I like travelfeed too! I use it in my tag and maybe next year hopefully I can share some of my travel experienced.


Oh cool! Yeah, it's a great group of people and an awesome way to share more of your travel experiences.

Uuu - clickbait thumbnails during bear market from coruscate :D

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bahahah don't judge.

Actually, I was looking through old travel photos to find a good one and almost all of them were with other people. This was one of the only ones I had by myself. haha

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Woah! Thanks for the fun update.

The old Thumbnail diversion trick, heh. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


hahaha Well, I thought it would be better to use a photo from my travels to talk about travelfeed instead of a picture of my freezing in earmuffs. lol

Travelfeed can help us as traveller @coruscate when you will visiting somewhere travelfeed always help you


When you start out with writing about travel and use our tag and your posts are of high quality content, chances are very high that you can can upvotes from TravelFeed.

LOl I was thinking that maybe you where in Australia


hahah I wish. Actually, I take that back. I like being in the cold air during Christmas because it feels festive - but once January hits i'm ready to be warm again. :)


I can understand that! For me I agree, but cold to me is low 40's. Snow? Nope only if im far away and can see it on top of mountains! lol