Travel - Visiting the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC

2년 전

My wife has always wanted to see Washington DC’s famous cherry blossoms and this year we finally got into the city to see the cherry trees in bloom. It’s quite a lovely sight with the flowering trees providing a colorful frame for all of the famous monuments and buildings of America’s capital.


The blossoms draw a big crowd from all over the world so we decided to avoid the DC traffic and walk-in from Virginia. There is a free parking lot in Gravelly Point Park not too far over the 14th Street bridge that connects Virginiato to DC.


It would be a great place to bike in from if you could find a place in DC to safely park your bikes while you walk around the tidal basin where the cherry blossoms are.

We walked and it was a couple of flat miles to get to the Jefferson Memorial where we started our cherry blossom tour. In the picture below you can see the dome of the Jefferson Memorial on the right and the Washington Monument on the left.



The blossoms circle the entire tidal basin so even though it is crowded, there are plenty of cherry blossoms to photograph and be photographed with. The shot below was taken looking up the walkway to the Franklin Deleanor Roosevelt Memorial. You can see some blurry white spots on the photo because the falling white and pink petals looked like snow as they fell off the trees. They were still lots of trees in full bloom, but our visit was probably a week after the peak bloom and the trees were starting to shed their flowers. You can also see the Martin Luther King Memorial on the walk. It is a massive granite statue of the civil rights leader. Unfortunately I blew the focus on that shot and it was too blurry to share.


The 3000 cherry trees were a gift from the mayor of Tokyo in 1912 as a symbol of friendship between our two countries. The Japanese pagoda in the photo below dates back to the 1600s and was a gift from Japan in 1957. It is one of the smallest monuments in DC, but it fits perfectly with the blooming cherry trees.


The trees were quite beautiful just by themselves.



To be honest I was kind of dreading fighting the crowds, but it actually turned out to be a beautiful day and the cherry blossoms exceeded my expectations. If you are ever in the Washington DC area during late March, early April, it is worth a visit. The timing can vary by year because of weather, but it is still a worthwhile trip even if you miss the peak bloom.



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Great blog construction, Dabeckster. This would have made an excellent contribution to @tattoojay's Wednesday Walk considering you walked from another state. We are having out cherry blossom season here too. Such a special time of year:)


I should have thought of that! Actually I was anxious to share and couldn’t wait til Wednesday. 😁

Isn't it beautiful? I got to see them a few years ago and I was impressed, too. We stayed out in Manassas and took the Metro in to the Mall. And did a lot of walking and picture taking!


It is a lot of walking, but well worth it!


I had it easy... I was on my mobility scooter but poor Jim figured he had walked over 15 miles that day. Your photos are a great reminder of how much I love visiting DC


It is really such a beautiful city and with so much to do. When I move to Alexandria in June I plan to get downtown a lot more than I do today. It will be a short metro ride to downtown!

wow it is really beautiful my friend...
Awesome photographs. thanks for share with us..


You are quite welcome.

I am glad your wife and of course you got to visit this and experience the magic of fall there it is on my wishlist of things to do when I retire
Even more so after seeing your fantastic shots


Most welcome :)

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Isn't it beautiful? I got to see them a few years ago and I was impressed, too. We stayed out in Manassas and took the Metro in to the Mall. And did a lot of walking and picture taking!

I also live in the DC area, and this stuff is so nice! The whole area has wonderful foliage!


We are very lucky to be so close to so many cool sights!