Views from Bangkok


A great city to visit

In mid 2019 we spend a month in Thailand and at the End some days in lovely Bangkok.

Busy streets with people from all around the world at a late afternoon at Khaosan road in Bangkok

Enjoy a stream of pictures and feel free to ask me anything about traveling there, as this was my 6th or 7th visit in Bangkok since 1989.

The city changed a lot and as well the travelers you meet. I stayed there first time in the early 90tees and at this time there where mainly backpackers around. All of them focued everything for the cheapest Baht the can get.

Nowadays you have many more, let's say normal travelers, and this changed so many things all around the vibrant city.

And then, the Thai currency went up a lot during the last 2-3 years, means that traveling and living is not as cheap anymore.

I had to do this picture as I saw that sign and used it for my appics blog during my stay in Bangkok.

no words

Street life in the old town of Bangkok

 We went shopping in many local areas

Some cool street food

Sushi in the street

A very special way to serve a burning chicken

Facts about Bangkok

The most populous city in Thailand - this is Bangkok. And BAngkok is as well the capital. The city occupies 1,568.7 square kilometres (605.7 sq mi) in the Chao Phraya River delta in central Thailand, and has a population of over 8 million people in 2014.

Skyscrapers of the districts Ratchadamri and Sukhumvit at night, viewed across Lumphini Park from the Si Lom – Sathon business district

In 2018, the population of Bangkok has been estimated to be about 10 million people. Estimations say that roughly half are internal migrants from other Thai provinces

Source of text and picture by Wikipedia

At the temple

Sure, whenever you plan to go to Thailand, you need to see some of the temples. We did a few, as there is a nice one quite often just behind the next corner. Whenever you are dressed well (long trouser and long sleeves) you might get easily entrance for a short visit.

Colorful and powerful

Enjoy some quiet time at one of the many temples you can find in Bangkok. 
Give yourself some rest and some time to think about life, travel and steem 

a dragon at the temple

Buddha is all around at Wat Pho

The huge reclining Buddha at Wat Pho - Not really easy to capture

e-Donation what a cool way to support the local temple

A temple at night time in Bangkok

Have a great day
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Thank you for sharing this review about Bangkok today. His photographs show a little of everyday life in the city, streets full of people, something exotic food for me, but surely like every modern city, it will find an international gastronomy.

Your review is very timely for those who prepare to attend SteemFest 4.


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Hey @detlev that is so cool going being able to go there earlier this year and in another few weeks. Yes, I remember when the cureency exchange used to be MYR 1 = 10 THB but now MYR 1 = 7.2 THB!

It's a lot more expensive now for me too! Having said that I am soooo looking forward to SF4!

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Ernsthaft? Bargeldlose Tempel Spenden? Bei uns bekommt man nicht mal nen Kaffee mit Karte :)
Dann schmeiße ich mal wieder mit !BEER und !trdo um mich. 🍺 😵 🍺


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Ja, fand das auch sehr cool.

Habe das gleich mal einem Freund gezeigt, der ist gerade Priester geworden...


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Hey @lizanomadsoul many thanks and hope to see you soon.

I guess you will be back for Steemfest. I have never been there and am a little sad I won't be along next month, but maybe some day I can visit.


Ohhh @steevc , we will miss you!!

Hope to see you soon again!

Funny but Partiko doesn’t downloading photos

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why? Bug or Feature...


A bug from @partiko
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Gonna resteem this and put into a local chats

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I guess with a beer in BKK.
Damn busy and again in Berlin for some days.


Great idea, gonna be with a colleague there) say hi to Berlin then;) btw if u need some help with a beer trip I’m in )

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yes, save some time for Saturday as we might need some time and your help


Yes, save some time for
Saturday as we might need
Some time and your help

                 - detlev

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Sehr beeindruckende Bilder hast du gemacht.
Die Kultur und die Gebräuche kennenzulernen ist
bestimmt sehr interessant.
Das Essensangebot ist auf alle Fälle sehr vielfältig.
Viele Grüße.


Habe da zum Essen noch etwas mehr in Petto und werde diese Angebot zu den "leckeren Krabbeltierchen" die Tage mal in einen Post fließen lassen.

Das ist sicher spannend....

Cool thanks for sharing the pictures... will be nice to see in person next month.


Yes, working on this but with different food and for sure with a !BEER and a chat.


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