"Happiness Lives in a Tent"


Today I will tell you how a children's holiday was organized on the island of Khortitsa.

Organized by the camp "Adrenalin Expedition" guys with 14 years of experience in tourism that guarantee your safety and an interesting pastime. Last year Expedition camp received the [highest score](https://childcamp.com.ua/ua/luchshie-lagerya/palatochniy/2018) according to visitors.

The camp program is based on active sports that not only give the opportunity to experience incredible feelings, but also allow to develop physically, overcome internal fears and become more confident.

The main purpose of the event is to create a healthy environment for children offline communication. During the Expedition events, participants understand that no computer game will give that drive and pleasure to themselves as achievements and victories in real games and competitions.

The expedition seeks to unlock the potential of each participant, creating opportunities for the development of abilities and talents. Children often come from year to year, and when they become adults, they fill up a team of curators and instructors. Therefore, participants have the opportunity not only to relax, but also to gain the skills of an organizer, instructor in different sports, a photographer or videographer.

All camps are located in the most beautiful corners of Ukraine. The places are selected in such a way that they combine the beautiful nature and opportunities for various types of outdoor activities such as rafting, diving, rock climbing and more. To allow children to run in the shade of the forest, and then enough to bathe in clean and large ponds.

It is also worth noting that most of the camps are held in nature conservation areas. Which gives children the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of pristine nature, appreciate, care for and protect it.

Cost about 300€/10day per child.

https://expedicia.od.ua | eMail: info@expedicia.od.ua

Camera: Nikon W300

Place: !steemitworldmap 47.831019 lat 35.058777 long d3scr

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