Despite the hatred, that many have shown for religion, it has come to stay and can't be swept out of society. Many have accused it of being the major reason for many prevalent sociological issues. Some have said it's the umbrella that shields deceivers and their evils. There are people who have said that it's the sword that cuts and separates friends and nations. For some, it's been defiled/polluted. They may not be far from the truth. Despite these criticisms, that religion has received regularly, a lot of people all over the world have remained fervent and have continued to be vanguards of it.


Religion quests to find answers to relevant questions based on a set of cultural practices specific to that group. Every religion has its unique creed and goal, some of which stray from the conventional lifestyle used to people. This is allowed, provided they are not against the laws of the nations where they are practised. Aside from the usual suspects (Christianity, Islam,...), there are other religions scattered across boundaries of nations. Most of them are not known to many people.After a thorough research, me and my friend, Hilary Akuburunwa have come out wih these:

Euthanasia: This is sometimes called Church of Euthanasia. It's a religion that frowns on a rise in population. For the folks, an alarming increase in population causes the reduction of societal morals/values. The religion has a commandment which says, "Thou shall not procreate." Africans (who are polygamists in nature) will be enraged by this revelation. Clearly, an individual, who is addicted to reckless procreation, can't adhere to this. The religion also has a commandment which says, "Save the planet; kill yourself." This is a commandment that shows that the religion prefers the safety and sustenance of the planet to humans. This started as a philosophy. It is credited to Zeno Citium, a philosopher of Cypriot origin. This religion is practised in Belgium, Holland, Canada and other countries.


Rastafarianism: This word is very popular. Most people limit or confine it to just reggae music. They don't know that it's actually a religion. It's a religion that tries to expose and condemn the evils of colonialism. The Rastafarians, the faithfuls of Rastafarianism, believe that the Ethiopian King, Haile Selassie, is god of all. Ethiopia is the holy home of Rastafarians. Adherents of this religion charge themselves with the task of restoring the pride of Africa which, they believe, was battered by colonialism. They proclaim Zion as the original birthplace of mankind and reject Babylon or the world of materialism. Bob Marley is one famous Rastafarian who followed the principles of Rastafarian lifestyle. Smoking marijuana and singing reggae songs are spiritual exercises which characterise this religion. It's with them that they service their relationships with their god. Rastafarians are known to keep dreadlocks.


Iglesia Maradoniana: This will be the first time many people will read about this. It's a religion in which Diego Amando Maradona, a football legend, a word cup winner and an Argentine great, is deified. Football enthusiasts know this name. He ruled his era. In his time, he mesmerized the football world with his tricks and dribbles. He was popular for this. His popularity was further helped when he scored a goal with his hand. That event was tagged "the hand of god". This religion flowered in the year 1998 and has more than a million followers in more than 60 countries.


Pastafarianism: "Pastafarianism" is from the root/base "pasta". Everyone who eats spaghetti knows the meaning of "pasta". There is an unconfirmed story of a flying spaghetti which is a major reference when this religion is talked about. Faithfuls of this religion advocate that it be taught at schools. They believe that their god, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, actually created the universe. Like other religions, this religion also has a holy book called the Loose Cannon. Ideas of this religion sprouted in 2005. Obviously, it's a budding religion, compared to others. Pastafarians can be found in North America, western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.


I am sure you have learnt many arresting things. You never saw some of these coming, did you? It's a free world (to some extent). Humans enjoy freedom of association. We are at liberty to choose our religions. We are also at liberty to be irreligious. The gods, worshipped in these religious, are revered and approached with awe just like the traits we portray in our religions in this part of the world.

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