Bratislava - Part 6 - Random Photos From Bratislava - Part I.

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Today I'm going to post some random photos I took In Bratislava in July this year. The city is full of interesting buildings and places it would be a shame not to post these photos.


Scroll down to gt the links to my other posts about Bratislava.


This is the National Council, the Slovak Parliament. The building was built during the Czechoslovak period and it's not enough for the National Council's activity, so there's another building they are using, that is situated next to the Trinitarian Church.


It's a relatively new building compared to other parliament buildings from other countries that are hundreds of years old. This shouts communist style from every angle. No offense.


Looks like they got new office chairs as the old ones were thrown out.


These narrow and steep streets are taking you to the old city center. In the background you can see the tower of the St Martin's Cathedral.


These little houses are in very good shape, I believe are protected by the city, have monument status that forces owners to renovate them.


Cobbler stones are still there, this is a very good sign, meaning they want to keep the image of the old town intact.


There were small restaurants, bars and coffee shops on the way down.



St Martin's Cathedral photographed from across the street. You saw the tower earlier in this post.


The Hungarian name of this cathedral is Szent Márton-dóm or Koronázó templom, which means the crowning cathedral because it was the coronation church of the Kingdom of Hungary between 1563 and 1830. It's the biggest and oldest cathedral of the city.


The UFO bridge in the back.



This is the International House of Arts for Children, also called Bibiana, a cultural institution where children can have a lot of fun creating art, participating in interactive exhibitions. It has a regular reading club, unfortunately only in Slovakian. The building is old and probably protected, well kept as I see.


Opposite to Bibiana, the International House of Arts for Children there's this house with these interesting paintings. I don't know for sure, am just guessing here but it looks like those paintings are in place of old windows. The windows were eliminated and these paintings were painted on the wall where the windows were. It's interesting, catches the eye for sure. Many tourists were photographing the wall.



The building in the right is new but the others are old and very stylish and beautiful.


There's a sign saying it's a pharmacy functioning there, called Salvator but in fact the ground floor is abandoned. This is not just an old building that looks good, it's a protected monument. I was wondering how come there's been a pharmacy there, so I did some digging and it turns out it's not a coincident. This is a neo-renaissance building built by a certain Rudolf Adler, a pharmacist, in 1904.

The pharmacy itself was founded by archbishop Georg Lippay in the 17th century and changed owners and locations several times before settling in this custom-built structure where it continued to operate for another 102 years before being shut down in 1996. The building used to contain culturally protected baroque pharmaceutical furniture from the year 1727 which is today in a private collection. source

The statue you see in the building is of Christ the Saviour and was made by the sculptor Alojz Rigele. I hope the building is going to be restored as it deserves respect.


It was Sunday, the narrow streets of the old city center were full of tourists.


Cafe and wine bar, also antique art shop, all in one.


This is another one when tourist could enjoy the cool shade offered by the old building.


Stay tune for the second part of the photo series, coming soon.


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