Travel: To awaken at a strange place is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world 🌍

3년 전

Sunday and the alarm rings early in the morning, instant I remember it’s adventure time again. The day before we had a party and I did run a small part together with my runningmate his session of the coastlinemarathon. That was actually the start of our holiday but now time to pack and get on the road!🚗

My girlfriend and I love the "Destination Unknown Roadtrips", especially in autumn so we try to extend our summer a bit down south. This year started the same once we’re sitting in the car we start the weather app on my phone and check the map of Europe for some nice spots. First choice Aragon in Spain, second choice Florance in Italy. Compromise Croatia because we’ve never been there together or alone. Where did we end... around lake Bled in Slovenia.🤣 The area is so beautiful we decided to stay here for a couple of days. Loving these trips ending in places you wouldn’t have thought about!


Our plan was to go to Croatia on route through Germany, Austria, Slovenia and finally Croatia. We thought Austria and Slovenia were both quick passages on the way to our destination. Austria we’ve been before we know it’s beautiful. There we passed the border to Slovenia. And we wouldn't have seen this gem by daylight if we hadn't so much traffic in Germany so we needed to stay just behind Munich on a campsite for the night.

Toll vignets

Slovenia is a country I couldn’t form an image in my head how it would be. Driving along lake Bled. We noticed the church from a distance and decided to stay here for a few days. Why I hear you think that country has no surf...!? 🤔 Because we could and we like the scenery. Oh and the country has some surf for sure! They have a coastline from approx 45km. I know the shortest from all the countries in Europe. But they even have a windsurfbrand called Flikkaboards. They are located in the capital city Ljubljana. Don’t know how they surf here but going to find out 🤙🏻


Lake Bled

The lake from Bled is a beautiful scenery with a church on a small island in the lake surrounded by mountains (with autumn colors starting around this time of the year 😍). These mountains are the Julian Alps and are asking to ride with my MTB! The scenery could have come straight from a fairytale.

We found a campsite right at the shore of the lake. We pitched our tent and left for a walk around the lake and do some sightseeing.


The walk itself around the lake is easy, they created a pathway around the whole lake, and you can walk (or bike etc.) around it in 1/1.5 hr. While doing this round, you will come through the village of Bled of course. The village is nothing special, only very touristic. During the walk we had different point of views at the church on the island and the castle high on its rock. But with no stunning lights the views get bored after a while.

During the walk we found some marked walking trails through the forests surrounding the lake. We decided we want to do some of them before sunrise.

The lake itself is filled with small non-motorized boats called Pletna’s, and of course some skiffs. Motorized boats aren’t allowed, but we did see them on the lake however during the evenings? Did you know the lake is well known by rowers. Bled did organize some World cups here in the past in the years 1966, 1979, 1989 and in 2011. During the walk you’ll also see some plaques with the Olympic medals Slovenia won. You can find these at the Olympic Rowing Centrum. People around lake Bled are sportive anyways, lot of people do their running at the shores of the lake or take their bikes out or take a refreshing dive in the lake.


Talking about swimming the water temperature is still fine for this time of the year (the stories tell that there is a hot spring somewhere underneath the lake). But nonetheless the availability of this hot spring during winter the lake does freeze anyway. Imagine this lake frozen, surrounding mountains covered by snow and people ice skating this lake. Wouldn’t it be an even better fairytale view?

The island in the lake also has its own story. The lake was created once long forgotten by fairies. The story tells that the area of the lake used to be a valley once full of luscious grass. The local shepherds brought their sheep to the valley during the day but at nightfall the fairies took over to use the soft grass as their dance floor. The fairies where afraid the sheep would eat all the grass, so they asked the shepherds if they could build a fence around the part they did use as their dancefloor. The shepherds didn’t build the fence, I think they refused. So the sheep could continue grazing the grasses till there was nothing left but bare earth. The fairies did seek their revenge and flooded the valley to create the lake with a small island left where the grass could grow and they could continue to dance at night. Since this Slovenia has one natural island.


Today was a day we woke up early to catch a sunriser above lake Bled. To get a nice view from a higher angle we wandered through the forest to find some nice spots. Walking in the dark for sure isn’t easy🤣 We found the famous instagram spot. It appears to be right on top of the rock next to our campsite 🏕. Wanaka throwback while we reached the top. Way to many people again for the same picture. I’m glad we took the detour wandering around while we didn’t see anybody, except the chamois we spotted gazing through the forest.

We climbed up different hilltops this morning

Mala Osojnica

First view at lake bled we found. We watched here how the fog crawled through the hills surrounding lake Bled 😍.

Velika Osojnica

No spectacular views here but at this hill we spotted the chamois. There where six of them and as long as we kept some distance they weren’t even afraid.



Instagram famous view, and I must admit the view is nice but come on people so many hills surrounding lake Bled! There is only one bench for a few people🤣

I want to ride my 🚴

After wandering we grabbed our bikes because we did hear about a gulch in the area with blue water flowing through and a waterfall. It’s called Vintgar Gorge. This place isn't far from lake Bled but we took a de-tour to see something more from the area surrounding the lake. We found on our way to Vintgar another gorge we will explore on another day.



Vintgar Gorge

This Gorge originated because the river Radovna meandered through the Julian Alps. Here the river carved a gorge in between the steep slopes of Hom and Bort. We visited the 1.6km long part where the river meanders through high cliffs. At some parts these cliffs reach depths of 250m! Vintgar Gorge opened in 1893 for public it’s “doors”. This after the discovery of it in 1890 by the mayor Jakob Žumer and carthographer Benedikt Lergetporer. They both thought this hidden gem should be available for everyone. So they started by making it accessible for everyone.

The first part of the Vintgar Gorge is the most interesting part (Yes me as a waterfall lover has to admit that the waterfall isn’t the most interesting one...😢) This part is small so the water is running fast here. Where in the wider middle part the water runs soft and it will end with a narrow part where the waterfall Slap Sum can be found. This waterfall is 16m high but I hope this won’t be the best fall Slovenia has to offer!?



While most people will return the same way we decided to take the walk around. With the hope to see some more of the area. Bad luck for us only trees, trees and some more trees... no stunning views for this walk back to our bikes. But we started talking to a local who walked along with us. She gave us some tips to do non touristic things yeah! She mentioned a trail we will walk tomorrow and a viewing point over lake Bled and the surrounding hills.

More about these tips mentioned by the Slovenian lady in the next posts about this adventure. Hope you will like the story as much as I did like the trip itself!

Hang loose 🤙🏻

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Magical photographs! I'm also a fan of waterfalls. I believe that the best trips are those made with people who are loved and without much preparation. With your images I remembered one of the many trips I made to a space called Miraflores in which a frozen waterfall of a few meters falls on your shoulders and gives you massages. I could almost feel the water slipping on my shoulders. It's a good thing that among all the madness that human beings suffer, we can travel. Travelling comforts the soul and the spirit. Thank you for sharing your experience.


Well you still need to prepare for things of course 🤔 Because I don't know what direction we will go I'll pack for good and bad weather. Warm and cold. wind and no wind days etc. But furthermore indeed those are the best trips expect the unexpected and let it all come to you.

I didn't know Miraflores, but Peru is on my list because of the waves and the winds but now there is a waterfall on it to. Are there more falls I need to know about?

I have just noticed that your name is Remy and that I haven't followed you yet!! Shame on me!! I have just corrected it ;)

I've seen your comment that you didn't make it to Switzerland, just haven't had time to come back to you yet. It's a pity you didn't come as we had a great weather!

But on the other side, look at the adventure that you had! I love when people get in the car and just drive without having a certain place in mind. Personally I prefer to have a lot of things scheduled, but I still admire that other people do it differently :)

Lake Bled is amazing! I have heard so much about it and also seen so many photos of that church. But you took the photos differently. Usually I see them from the top of the hill and I like that you took it from the behind the trees. It is very nice :)

All of your photos are suberb!


Hehe how did you find out about my name 🤣 Thanks for following! Hopefully you'll keep enjoying my stories.

Sorry about Switzerland not making it to our list. It didn't work for our two specific points we where selecting countries at, wind and temperature. But We had a great adventure again indeed. Cool to hear you have a really different approach for your holidays. In the end we reach the same things, we want to explore the world, but everyone wants to do it on its own terms.

We've been at that hill above the lake to, but that is the Instagram famous point I'm talking about. Way to many people there to enjoy the sunrise peacefully.

PS. I did already follow you 😉


It is on your profile :D

No worries, I hope you'll make it to Switzerland next time. And I do agree with you. It's important that everyone does whatever they want to achieve on their own terms.

Oh yes, there are these spots everywhere. People want to see them because you can take nice photos there but then you come there and its crowded. I prefer the places that I can have 'for myself' :)

That is good to know ;)

Thaks for sharing your travel memoir! I have never visited Slovenia but your post is a good motivator for me to try to find out more about this country and its beautiful nature.


Thank you! I can only say that you need to visit Slovenia for sure when you have the chance. I really do hope (and feel honoured) my post is the motivation you just needed to go out and visit this beautiful country.


That's right! By documenting your life you inspire a lot of people...

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Hi guchtere,

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Hi guchtere,

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Great post about my country. Thanks.


I hope my other posts about your country will do it justice as well! Really loved it beiing there. You can be proud of your country!

Thanks for the resteem!

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That trip has really been a wonderful adventure. I've always wanted to make a trip of that kind, without knowing where I'm going to end up arriving. You and your girlfriend must be having a great time. The lake looks great, the waterfall too, they are great experiences, thanks for sharing them with us. By the way, you did an excellent job organizing the structure of the post!


Thanks for the compliment! 😊

How come you didn't undertake such an trip with the destination unknown?

We did have a great time indeed, hopefully you will like my next posts about our trip as much as you did like this one!

Travel pictures are always beautiful. It exposes you to great sceneries around the world. "Destination Unknown Roadtrips" sounds fun and adventurous.


Thank you 😊

What a beautiful post. Believe it or not I have been to Lake Bled. Loved it there. To this day I dont know how I ended up there. I remember staying in a hostel in Ljubljana and the host actuallly could pronounce my maiden name which was a first in my life lol. Thats coz my late Grandpa who i never really knew was Slovenian. We dont even know if there are existing relatives. He died an alcoholic in 80s.

Lake Bled.. so someone said it was nice so we went there and it was stunning. 2001 it was. It was middle of summer yet so quiet.

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For sure I believe you have been to this beautiful place in Slovenia. Think you have seen more from Europe than I have!?

Kinda surprised about you telling your grandpa is from Slovenia! Sorry that you don't know anything about any relatives... How did you found out he was a Slovenian?

Ljubljana we have been there as well, my story about it will follow later. did you like the town? Lake Bled quiet, you where very lucky to have seen it quiet I assume. Even in autumn it was still crowdy.


I was in Llubjana and they could pronounce my surname. So I told Mum and she said yeah grandpa was Slovenian!

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Thanks for checking out my beloved Slovenia:))


Pleasure was all mine! Never expected such a beautiful country.
I'll hope my next posts from the trip will represent your country with the respect this beautifull country deserves!


Thank you!

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Professional article, interesting and also very nice for the eye. I love the way how you posted few small clickable images on one line. Also you got me with your stunning picture of this beautiful waterfall surrounded by those intensive autumn colors. I am waiting for more :)


Thanks for the compliment! 😊

There will follow some posts about Slovenia and Croatia for sure! Only need to find the time for typing them... Need to finish work before I'm heading to Steemfest. Hopefully this week post number two will follow!

Very nice tribute to my country, @guchtere. Thanks! I'm happy to join #travelfeed on Discord.

I love how you guys are so open-minded while planning for a trip, open to exploring even the strangest of things, discovering new things and just letting yourself wander and enjoy all of life's beauty. It really is amazing!!!

There are some stunning views there, like bled, the sunrise and the sunset... Well, the others are pretty cool too! I do think the water fall still is a nice one!

Well, maybe it will more of an adventure with the advice from the lady? I do hope so....

Have fun and be adventurous!

Wonderful journey to Slovenia, you are right and it was a great choice, we know much about Spain and Florence but not much about beautiful East Europe. I love that legend about fairy who flooded the valley to save their dancing lawn from sheep, that little island look gorgeous. Also I really like that waterfall, you captured it so beautiful. That must be a special setting of the camera, looks so smooth and flowing. In you place I would do the same take bicycle and do rounds with it, fresh air and also you can reach almost every point. Thank you for such beautiful photo gallery and your story about Slovenia :)

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Amazing post, great to see you did take an x path to unknown and explored our tiny country full of hidden pearls and gems.

Hope it's not the last time you visited, surely earned a resteem, steem on buddy!

howdy from Texas guchtere! wow I have seen some posts about Slovenia this year, it has to be a country so rich in natural beauty! You did a great job in explaining your trip and points of interest.

Did you post about the places that the Slovenia lady told you about?


Great to read that even in Texas people like Slovenia! I mean you guys are literally at the other side of the world. Do you still remember some of the posts about Slovenia?

This trail is one of the tips from the lady. In my next post I'll show the sunrise spot she mentioned to us.


Oh yes Slovenia has so many stunning sites to see so thank you!