About Kiev or Kyiv briefly

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Kiev or Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Since June 2019, the name of the capital has been transliterated as Kyiv .. As you know, any capital of any country is always interesting to visit. I would like to devote more time to getting to know the city, but I was limited in time. In Kyiv,, I attended an important event for me. Most of the time I was busy, and only evening was allocated for walking.

I took some reports, but alas .. Something went wrong ... and I accidentally deleted most of the photos, so I only have a few left. I was very upset. A year passed .... I still decided to show you those photos that I have left. To travel around, Kyiv, you need to set aside time.

The city has many different interesting places to visit and attractions. This is not surprising because Kyiv, was founded more than 1,500 years ago. Like any capital, it is a political, economic, industrial and cultural center of the country. The city has many monuments, museums, fountains, theaters and palaces.

Independence Square is the most famous place in the city. Here are my photos with views of the area.

View of the Independence Monument of Ukraine and Hotel Ukraine

View from the bridge. There are musical fountains in the distance.

Lach Gates

Monument, Lach Gates (in Ukrainian: Lyadsky Gate) built in honor of one of the medieval city gates of Kyiv, in 2001.

I like to consider sculptures and monuments, as well as architecture in detail.

Front view

Side view

Back view

Light and music fountains are especially beautiful in the evening.

Light and music fountains

Monument fountain to the founders of Kyiv.

The sculptural composition consists of figures. These are three brothers - Kyi, Schek, Horeb, and their sister Lybid. As you can see, the sculpture is located in the center of the fountain. The author of the sculpture is Anatoly Kushch. I examined parts of the sculpture from different angles.

Flower clocks are the largest in the world.

The diameter of the watch is more than 20 meters. The diameter of the dial is 17.35 meters. Each year, about 50-80 thousand flowers of various shades are planted on the watch.

Flower clocks

View from the bridge

You probably know that Khreshchatyk is the main street of Kyiv . It is not very long, but wide and straight. On weekends and holidays the street is usually only for pedestrians.

Fountains on Khreshchatyk

It has many large green trees, especially chestnuts. Blossoming chestnut is a green symbol of the city.

 Bessarabian Market

Restaurant-dumpling "Petrus-ь", before it was the famous "Dumpling No. 1". The menu has traditional Ukrainian dishes.

 Restaurant interior in bright colors.

This resembles the decoration of the house of a wealthy Kyiv tradesman of the 20th century.


I didn’t want dumplings. I ordered- Turkey fillet with vegetables

Dessert - "Chocolate Fondant" with Vanilla Ice Cream

It's tasty!

Kyiv is located on the banks of the Dnieper River. The city is very green.

Here is the Dnieper! River View

Pedestrian bridge

Yes, two evenings for a walk in Kyiv is not enough.


Original photos by @leylar The photos were taken by OLYMPUS E-M1Lens M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm 1:2.8 PRO ( July 2018)

Thanks for your time and Your attention.

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What a great tour if they city you have us such interesting sculptures and fountains but wow the size of that flower clock is incredible

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