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Critical Thinking on setting up of instructional boards at Dhaka Air Terminal:
Travelers will walk through the porch to find out where to check in on a Row.
But you can't actually see the face that Rowe is looking for. Because the corridor is parallel to it. Landscapes can be seen from a distance if you do not come in front of them.
Empathy or Kirtik Thinking or Supervision should be extended to those passengers in charge.

Behavior Awareness AutomationMonsk: Flight Number Spice Jet SG 039 Delhi-Dhaka Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Luggage Belt No.2.
The bags were smashed. After a while the bags were again lifted from the belt. It is learned that the Kolkata flight baggage was mistaken here. The other side is sitting in a car bag. Thus, an hour and a half is over. A few quarreled, but the other side was not so flexible. It turned out that a belt was bad.
If the motor was fitted with rotatable pipes on the luggage trolley floor, the automatic would have moved to the luggage belt. The luggage bag was not damaged at all. No matter what was in an airport or not, it was a big deal whether we could solve our problem.
Goods were found. On the way out, it was quite a distant call, and after hearing the call, it seemed like someone was calling. Then it seemed that we are not here without them. Neck back I called. He said he did not recognize sir. Another recognized, came forward and condoled.
An iron fence while crossing the terminal. If you have a heavy bag, how to think about it? Be careful not to wriggle on the road (photos). Bamboo fence for the goat cows and the iron fence here!
The legs crossed the fence, but he was stuck in the car. In the driver's parking, it will take about 2 1/2 minutes. Without having to come in before, the road is stuck for half an hour without getting stuck. How much in total? The ceremony was, the chief guest, some of whom had mistreated the bureaucrats. Though dead, rotten bureaucrats. Why do bureaucrats want to go through V-IP, why they want contact again? And those who do not want to be more intelligent?
Let's visit Dhaka Delhi - I was going to Uzbekistan, Indira Gandhi Airport in Delhi. I got out three hours before leaving for Uzbek Uzbek flight. After getting a boarding pass, a guy would tell me the way and go to Bolo Customs. If you do not go, I will offload the goods. Even in the heat, I wore a suit to suit the look, but it didn't work. Going far away, the man was standing in front. Used well, said to sit. How many dollars did he come up with, some say he was a billionaire but was ashamed to talk about dollars; I have a credit card and do not need dollars. Smita Jose said goodbye but lost 5 minutes. Then security, speed along the long line, I got scared and came back after requesting positive response from a few people. Here the X-ray operator asked if there were any cameras. I said no. To open the bag I said open, if asked again, I said no. Have said Then I remembered about the year. I was going out of the country with the newly purchased Toshiba laptop bought out of the country by the Dhaka Airport. Security guy said what is it? It cannot be taken. The explanation was not difficult to take anymore.
I like the latest tennology, a battery-powered small shaver in Germany was in my bag. Of late, I understand. So there is one thing I said but no camera. I got it but time is running out. At the gate, the crew dressed in a ragged tone said in English. I said I came three hours ago and you ask management. What to say! I noticed more people coming. The mind wanted to argue down from the co-bus. But I thought back and went back. Writing a while ago, I saw the Delhi Airport Best Award. I have not yet gone to Pakistan, which has to be seen as the fault of the subcontinent, or something else.
No matter what else you think, even if you go to America or Europe after so many things, we do not understand. Again, the quality of education in Arabia is better than ours, but we can say that we are insignificant. Education and finance sometimes lead people to look down on them rather than respect them.

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