Unusual monastic lake

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Chronology of the desert Raifa, located not far from Kazan is from 1613.
It was then that on the shore of lake Raif Inok Filaret built his hut to far from the bustle of the world to spend time in prayers. Soon he was joined by other monks. Monastic brotherhood grew.
The appearance of this place, the belfry was natural that the monks had a place to pray.
Here is a brief history of the origin of the monastery.


Initially, the temples and the bell tower were built of wood. At the end of time from 1690 to 1717 the buildings were built of brick. Over the centuries buildings and structures on the territory of the monastery was repeatedly reconstructed, and part of it was restored anew.
Today's appearance of the monastery is harmonious and beautiful.


Here is kept the Shrine-the icon of the Mother of God "Georgian", which is considered miraculous. In fact, only a miracle helped to preserve this Shrine in Soviet times.
Every year, many pilgrims and tourists visit The Raifa monastery.


Entrance to the monastery is through the Holy gates.


The bell tower over the Holy gates was erected in 1903.


In the photo below, the Trinity Cathedral, built in 1910. In the Church of great acoustics, and when the choir sings monks even atheists listen with bated breath.


During our walk the territory of the monastery was decorated for the celebration of Easter.


Right of the picture the Church in the name of Reverend fathers in Sinai, the construction of 1708.


I will not bore you with description of all churches and cathedrals on the territory of the monastery of Raifa.
I will tell you a little about the amazing lake, on the shore of which the monastic monasteries were built.


Like any forest lake, it is very beautiful. Through the lake flows the river Baga.
Surprisingly, this lake has several names - Sumy, Monastic and, of course, Raif.
In summer you can take a boat and ride on the lake, tying on one of the hundred-year-old trees ribbon to come true secret desire.


But the main feature of this amazing place are lake frogs!
There is a legend that once upon a time, like any lake frog croaked very loudly, especially during mating season). And then the monks prayed that the frogs would stop croaking so that they could offer their prayers to God in complete silence. And the miracle happened. Frogs stopped croaking. Scientists have been fighting over this phenomenon for many years. But the fact remains. Frogs there, but they never croak.
On the territory of the monastery there is even an installation about this fact.


Moreover, I have repeatedly been to the lake and fed the ducks, of which there are always a lot. And I have never heard them quacking or making noise! It's amazing, but it's true.


Entrance to the monastery is free.
From Kazan can be reached by bus or by car. Distance from Kazan to Raifa monastery of the virgin is only 27 kilometers.


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Очень понравилась колокольня!


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