Tatacoa desert in Colombia

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Did you hear about the desert in Colombia? Yep, that’s what we thought. Even many Colombians don't know it. To be honest this isn’t a "real desert" like Sahara or Gobi. It’s a tropical dry forest! Can you believe, that millions of years ago this terrain was full of colourful flowers, abundant trees and was much wetter than is now, can you? Within all years the climate has been more and more dryer and Valle of Sorrows (as it was called by conquistador Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada in XVI century) became what is now – a desert.

We heard about this place for the first time from our German friends who came here a few weeks before us. Getting there is fairly easy and reachable from Bogota by bus, just 315km, pretty close, but considering colombian roads travel might take up 8 hours, so don’t be so optimistic about the distance. From the capital, you’ll have to take a bus to Neiva, the biggest city in the region and from there jump into a pick-up going to Villaieja, little town literally few kilometres from the desert.

You have to be careful with tuk-tuk and taxi drivers because they love to rip you off from pesos for this short ride. We couldn’t negotiate appropriate price, so we start to walk and tried to hitch-hike, which worked pretty well and both ways 😊 So remember thumbs up! Saved money we spent on snacks and beers, anyway, let’s come back to the desert.

Daniel’s hat got blown away during the ride to Villavieja on a back of a pick-up, so he had to protect his head from sun wearing his t-shirt. If you decide to stay overnight you can go for night sky watching in the observatory. We heard that is worth it, but we planned just a day trip only.


We walked down and followed the path to not get lost and we couldn’t stop to admire landscapes, which are absolutely amazing and breath-taking. Luckily we were the only ones walking around. Would you like to join us then? Let’s put your hats on, sun cream and hop into comfortable shoes.


















Huh, how did you like the walk? Tired, thirsty, happy? So, let’s sit, have a sip of water and try to imagine a juicy green, fresh, full of animals tropical forest.

Unfortunately, the time to come back has arrived. Take a last look ahead and go back on the road. For your life, for adventure, for anything you want and need! See you at the finish line 😊


Thanks for a walk,
M & D



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What a crazy and surreal landscape. Wow. It looks really harsh, no matter if it's a true desert or not. I wouldn't like being lost over there. Sounds very dangerous.

wow, what a place! Very hard to imagine a tropical forest for sure!

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thank you! :)

Wow. That's quite beautiful, but also somewhat frightening to know that it used to be a rain forest. I suppose we will see more such rain forests as the planet warms. Here in Houston, the changes in climate over the past 20 years are increasingly obvious, but in our case we go from extreme drought to extreme wet!

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This process took millions of years, but yes it's true that our climate is getting warmer and warmer. We experienced it in Belize, where during the dry season, they had the strongest rains for 25 years.

What an amazing place! The landscape looks almost surreal, especially those shots from down in there, looking up at the amazing rocks!

I wonder if @ecoinstant has been there...? Tagging him to see!

Looks like an amazing place. I do like deserts

That really looks like a very beautiful place to go to. I love how the terrain looks. I hope I could see that personally. Thank you so much for sharing your adventure with us! May you have a great week ahead!

Cool place😁 have fun!🌞

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Thank you!! :D

That's so cool! What an interesting landscape. It looks like it belongs in Arizona or in Death Valley or something like that. Yet, there it is in a tropical area like Colombia. What a trip!


Wish we could see Arizona or Death Valley to compare it :)

I love the flower/cactus in the middle of all the change. Reminds me of the beauty in everything. Thank you for the walk @route-m-d


You're welcome! Thanks for joining us :)

Looks like some post-apocalyptic scenery and landscape... actually..it is


Imagine making a movie with some filters and creepy music..

So gorgeous, in all of its ruggedness * ___ * I see each photo and I feel like I'm seeing a different world ! Being a city mouse, I am always amazed with how beautiful our world is really, outside of the city's limits and comforts...

And I definitely didn't know that there is such a 'desert' in Colombia ! Though it is more of a drylands than a real desert, it is still very breath-taking and magical * ___ * I can't imagine it was once a lush place with gorgeous greeneries.... How strange our planet is! How marvelous ! :D :D :D

Love this post very much <3 <3 <3


Thank you for stopping by :) We had exactly same feeling being there, this's just part of our pics, we couldn't stop taking them :D

What a beautiful place! I loved seeing the saguaro cacti everywhere. I've noticed that in the Southwestern United States the saguaro are dying. Did they look healthy overall there?



Yes, they did, they grew literally everywhere around. We've been there during the wet season, so maybe that's why they looked so good. As you can see on pics, huge clouds just covered the morning blue sky.


I'm glad the species isn't dying out. I've been concerned about them after seeing their sorry state in the US.

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Definitely had no idea of such a desert in Colombia.. always imagined it all lush and green.

Thanks a lot for taking us on this really interesting walk. Strange landscape indeed. Almost like something from a science fiction movie.

The thought, that this was once a forest kinda scares me a little.. sure, long time ago. But it also shows, that any forest could eventually look like this...

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No, we didn't go to pools because of lack of time, but desert itself was an amazing experience. Thanks for stopping! :)

Great post @route-m-d

That looks very hot work. I love the contrast between the sky and the ground. It's a bit unusual for a desert scene.

Keep up the good work.


What a fantastic landscape. Very impressive. Great shots. Thank you for taking us on the journey.

It must have been so beautiful back then when the land was filled with flowers. Still the desert has its charms and the land formation there is very unique. We do not have deserts in our country the closest we have here is a place filled with volcanic ash.


Where do you live then?

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I'm from the Philippines. A tropical country mostly mountains, jungles and beaches.

Wonderful photos and great story of your visit! Interesting looking place!

Deserts offer a unique beauty, love the cactus plants waving their arms from hilltops like little old men @route-m-d

Wao nature is so unique .. Does it rain over there ?


Yes, it does, but not much. The clouds you can see on the pics gave very little rain :D

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