[1] Let's start the project of 'travel in the world'!

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Hello steemit I am @travel2018....

It started with a book called `` Traveler's Romance '' which I accidentally read in the library when I was in middle school.

S post-horse began in earnest in kkigi and two Japanese Alone from backpacking .

After graduating from high school, I have been in college for three years.

Even though I don't know what college life is

There will be no college diploma in life ,

There are no high TOEIC scores or external activities !

4 years more time than others ,

No tuition payments, no student loan debt.

There is nothing to lose or nothing to lose.

So I'll just do what I want to do

Three, one, one week .

1. The United Kingdom or Ireland Working Holiday and expenses established and during its trip to Europe - about a year and a half to two years .

2. Starting in Brazil, South America (+ Spanish language courses)-about 6 months .

3. Arrange for a return to Working Holiday Australia-about 1 year .

4. Crossing to Africa and ending the African continent-about 3 to 4 months

5. Southwest / Middle East / Southeast Asia-about 6 months ~ 1 year

6. Korea Comeback .

The approximate plan is this.

About 5 years .

It was set for departure in late June or early July 2015.

Prepare for basic expenses with the hostel staff

Preparing for the Warhol visa,

I will improve my English and Japanese.



Anything will be okay

Let's open it like it always has been!

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