Masasa Adventure Episode: 4 "Sombrero Island"

3년 전

Welcome to part 4 of our adventure on the Island of Marikaban in the Philippines. This video episode will take you on a boat ride going to an enchanting snorkeling site called "Sombrero Island". Our country is known for beautiful diving sites and coral reefs. If you love taking a diving in crystal clear water while enjoying diverse marine life but on a budget, Sombrero Island is the place to go to.

Our adventure started when we visited the island not knowing what activities to do. Often in our travels, our best friend is always our host in the place where we are staying. Your host is the best person to talk to when it comes to activities, places to eat and beautiful sites. They can give you the best prices as they already have contacts for every tour. Our host Mama Nady was very accommodating as she tended to our every need and even gave us discounts on our tours.

Snorkeling Tour Cost

Getting to the snorkeling site you would need to rent a motorized boat. Prices vary and there are a lot of boatmen on the island. When you stroll down the beach, boatmen will approach you offering snorkeling tours. Try to hold off and it is better to check with your host first. We paid 1,500 pesos or around $30 USD for one boat and due to restrictions, only 5 people can ride. If your party is more than 5 you would need to rent 2 boats unless the others would want to be left behind. That happens to be our dilemma as there were 6 of us. We were given a discount for the second boat and paid only 1,200 pesos instead.

Things to Bring

  1. Environmentally safe sunscreen lotion (in our case we forgot to use it as everyone was so excited of the tour)
  2. Waterproof Camera (bring home with you the magical experience)
  3. Personal Snorkeling Gear (snorkeling gear is provided but you do not know if it has been properly cleaned)
  4. Bread for Fish Feeding (we brought with us a whole loaf of bread which didn't last long)

I hope that you would enjoy the video that I have shared today. If you would like to learn more about our adventure on Marikaban Island, please check the links below.

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Oh man, what a beautiful video and the thousands of little fish that comes to eat the bread.
Even the boat trips looks exiting.
Well done here my friend!
Blessings to all of you!


Hey thanks. I still have a lot of work and learning to do in video editing. Well we'll get there someday. Have a great weekend ahead my friend!


Even though we can always improve our efforts, I still think that your video was very good my friend.
Blessings and hope your weekend is also good thus far!

Is it really 1500 pesos for the boat or for each person? If that is for one boat that's a great deal I think. Last time I went on something similar to that, I believe we paid about $75 USD per person.

Nice video.. as always. It was so relaxing to watch those fish tearing that bread up :-) Now I don't have to go.. You did such a good job that I felt like I was there ;-}


Hey @bdmillergallery how's weekend going so far? Yea as for the boat that is 1500 pesos for one boat good enough for 5 people. $75 is pretty steep for one person but I guess it depends on the location and if you are in a foreign country they tend to jack up the price unless you are with a local.

wooww amazing😃