Beach Adventure Today

3년 전

Today for exercise and adventure I decide to go for a run along the beach. Here are some pictures from my afternoon adventure.



Yup, this way out of town! However.................


First I must consume some delicious calories in the form of a chocolate shake, pure indulgence and bliss with great company!








An old winch in a sad state forgotten and neglected........




My turn around spot. The rocks along the beach are very unique. I love all the colours, shapes and textures.....





Along the way back I met some new friends, some Greeks visiting Loutraki for the weekend, that offered me a drink. I gratefully accepted some water. One of the men is a surgeon in Athens. He is interested in me offering an Open To Your Bliss workshop at his clinic as he wants to offer preventative teachings for woman's health.




I made it back to my room.


Now I enjoy simple pleasures, rice cakes with tahini, olives, red pepper, lettuce and lemon!


@onceuponatime look at what I found.................

Thank you everyone for reading about my beach run/hike/climb today. Greece is truly beautiful, even if it was a cloudy day!!!

Ladies of Greece another reminder of this lovely offering next weekend. We still have a couple spots. I hope you can join us.
With Love Aumsong

open to bliss poster.jpg

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What a day @aumsong you had,can't say the same for your lunch however.Is that all you having???seriously?I feel hungry for you :P


Lunch was a salad and chocolate shake!

beautiful photography and beautiful scenery.

Beautiful photos and wonderful company..
Good eventing...😀😀😀


Good evening. Thanks

It seems- by your beautiful photos- that you had such a wonderful afternoon adventure, with great company as well!!😊
And you found beautiful hidden "treasures" ! !That's the beauty, when you walk near the sea!
I wish you all the best for your upcoming seminar!😊❤️

Greece suits you! :)

Welcome and enjoy our place (Corinth & Loutraki)...!
I am sure that you will love it more and more, day by day...!!!
I wish you to have more wonderful expiriences here and good luck with your health "project"...! Follow & Upvote...


Beautiful day to you @mr-phoenix. Yes, it is a beautiful place! Thank you

Waow! Those rocks are awesome!


Yes, I'm wishing I brought my climbing gear, to go climbing after my workshop!!! I did do some fun bouldering though!

Another wonderful day!!! Loved you sharing your photos!


Thank you @steem-samiam. Would be lovely to share an adventure with you after the retreat!

You had a busy day @aumsong 😀!!!

I am so happy you enjoy your days here 💗 💗


Thanks love

Pleasant place, the precise time to do many activities and meet special people. Beautiful photos and moments captured by you.

Wow! Those rocks are amazing! And, looks like an incredible place to go for a run :) Definitely jealous. Personally, though, nothing beats a barefoot run on a sand beach. I've only gotten the opportunity a few times in my life but damn, something about running barefoot on sand makes me feel super fast!


Yes, I've done lots of barefoot running on sand, it's pretty wonderful for sure.

Steady and very nice your post, I really like it...
my name is @badriadi83, please see my post if you wish, thank you


The fruits of the cactus plant are edible and quite delicious! You must though be careful when cleaning them from the outer skin. Those tiny thorns can be very very annoying!


I thought they looked like a fruit I've seen at a market before...... Yes those thorns would hurt!


In Greece, they are called Fragosyka (French figs), in Cyprus, we call them Papoutsosyka (shoe figs)!
Always use thick plastic gloves to pick and clean them. They are best served chilled.


Yes, thick gloves is a good idea, maybe I will try while I'm here

Απίστευτη η ομορφιά του τόπου μας!

dear @aumsong. That is a amusing place. The rock is odd but amusing. Mind blowing photography dear. You are great dear. I love travelling. That's why i am a great fan of you dear. Go on dear and have my best wishes