Faith and Karma (thoughts from Nepalese journey)

4년 전


Buddhists believe that feeding street birds can help them to purifie their karma. You can see people throwing corn and grains to pigeons in some temples in Kathmandu (Nepal).
"But those who are devoted to God, who dedicate themselves fully and selflessly, those who offer all their activities and results to Guru, those who take everything as HIS prasadam and mercy, those have no need to worry about karma.. Humility, self-giving, embracing His guardianship, "Krishna will certainly protect me" Maintaining his faith. Acceptance of all activities favourable for devotion, embracing rejection of adversity to devotion. Those who surrender in this sixfold way their prayer will be heard by the divine son of Nanda." (Auspicious invocation to Saranagati by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur)

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