Contest: Plan a day in Rhodes, Greece min. 5SBD in prize pool, post 1/2

3년 전

#travelwithricheros contest, Rhodes - Greece

This contest is for you to plan one full day for us on Rhodes island. It does not have to be a lengthy post with a lots of details but a plan starting from the beginning of the day until the end and a plan that includes us all. I would however say that the better the plan the better are your chances to win, most important it must include us all one way or another and be original and creative.


Who is travelling

In total we are 7 people travelling:

  • Father: 37 years of age that likes to be active, explore and see new places, hiking, spots, boating, motorcycle, photography, dining and will not say no to a delicious drink at a nice lounge bar.
  • Mother: 33 year old that likes to relax on the beach, shopping, dining, boating, sightseeing, hiking.
  • Mother of mother: 55+ years that likes to spend time with the kids and relax by the pool, fine dining, sightseeing, hiking.
  • Daughter: 12 year old, loves to be active, learn about life outside Norway and loves play in water like water-sport and water-parks.
  • Friend of daughter: 11 years old girl that tags along with my daughter of 12.
  • Daughter: 3 years old, likes to watch theatre and play in the water
  • Daughter: 7 months old and we don't know what she likes at this time ;)

We will be staying near the sea in the north-east of the island near the airport and Rhodes city, moving around is not a problem. Our calendar is pretty open from the 19th to 26th of May, maybe there is something happening on those dates?


water-park, car rental, restaurants, historical sites, local delicacies, scuba diving, stroller, babysit (while mother and dad go out for dinner?), hiking, beaches, dining, theatre, water-sport, pretty much open for anything; surprise us! :)



  • Plan a full day that includes all of us in or around Rhodes island
  • Entry to be as a reply to this post or the followup post on the 11th of May. Link to separate post are allowed.
  • Upvote this post or the post of 11th of May
  • Several entries are allowed
  • First tag of post must be #travelwithricheros

The winners will be announced on Friday 18th of May, contest will run until winners are announced.
A second followup post will be issued on 11th of May that will accept entries from that date.


A total of 5SBD will be in the prize pool, this might be further increased.

  • First prize: 3SBD
  • Second prize: 1SBD
  • Third prize: 1SBD
  • Bonus prize to one randomly selected that upvote and/or resteem this post. Leave comment with upvote and/or resteemed.

I really hope that this contest will be positively received in the community as I will be doing more travelling this year and would love to evolve this contest concept further.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments to contest!

Good luck!


(All images are from links to photographer under each picture)

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Very interesting idea about organizing a contest about #travelwithricheros going to Rhodes!
I have been there in 2014 for one week. To organize a whole day with all your family is not at all easy, because you are many and you have children also. I will try to give you some advice for one whole day!
After you wake up and take breakfast, if you have a rent car, go and see Lindos! It lies on the east coast of the island and it is about 50 km south of the town of Rhodes. There, you will find a fine beach, where the children with grandmother can stay while you and your wife will take a ride to Acropolis. You can use donkey to go up, but it not be so heavy to go by feet. It's a popular tourist and holiday destination. The beach is very soft and proper for children and low level of water.
After 2 hours here, you can take back the road to Rhodos, but make a stop to Villages on the coast. In first village, Charaki, you can take lunch, because here you can find the usual taverns, restaurants and bars.
After lunch, you can go to Faliraki, where you can see Anthony Quinn Bay (here was filmed Zorba The Greek movie). After this visit, for the joy of children you can go to Water Park, which have has waterslides and a wave pool and special places for children.
After couple of hours here, you can go back to hotel to take a shower and change your clothes. After the sun is down, you can go in Old City for a walk and dinner also.
In the Old City you can visit Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights. In Old Rodos you can find souvenirs and a lot of restaurants.
After you finish with eating and shopping, must go and see the port and the One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Rodos Colossus (or a part of it:)) - here you can go with children or you can leave them with your mother in law:)
I'm sure will be more that enough for you and your family this day and the next day must come back in the port and if you don't have sea sick, take a ferry boat and go to visit Marmaris (Turkey). Will be very interesting even the ride with ferry.

Hope these info will be helpful and you will adjust at your needs for a wonderful holiday!

Enjoy the trip!


Thank you very much for your contribution and the very first day plan entry :)

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It’s a great idea to do this kind of travel plan contest! Inspiring post. I visited Rhodes on my own and had a great time. It’s much more difficult to plan for 7 people here, hmmm...🤔 When I was there, I found myself almost the only solo traveler at this honeymoon destination.


Thanks, I must admit that I'm a bit afraid that I ask of to much or that the idea of this contest is somewhat misunderstood. I did however trow in a coupe of openings like "include all one way or another" and "be original and creative", so in that regards I was at least expecting something like; eat breakfast, go to the beach, eat lunch, have the grandmother watch the kids so the father and mother can go to restaurant X where they serve the best xxx in town etc...". As for the bonus for a vote or resteem I'm holding back to see how popular this contest will be, after all I want to give something back to the steemit community :)


I really like your idea. Good luck with the contest!

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This is a fun idea. I wished I had thought of this for our Vegas trip last month. Nice contest and I bet you will have a blast on your trip. I have never been to RI myself.