724,494.566297 TRDO Tokens Burning Process Initiated

Dear Steemians / Trendo'ians,
We (Trendo Network) decided to burn 33.33% tokens (724,494.566297) of the Total Market Supply to stabilized the liquidity statues of the project. We are using this space to share our gratitude to @ali-h and @swapsteem who generously shared 600,000 TRDO tokens to this token burning process.

What We Wish To Achieve?

  • We wish to increase the market price of the TRDO token by keeping a low market supply which is already minting around 25% tokens when comparing to STEEM daily reward pool.
  • We wish this might increase the liquidity statues of the project and stake holders could earn decent amount of TRDO by staking them.
  • Less supply & High demand will motivate more Steemians to reward quality contents with TRDO as well.
  • This might be a good practice of our upcoming token burning processes as well.


  • We found few bugs that appear with TRDO Comment Bot Script and now planning to release a new version of the Bot Script which might resolve all those known bugs of the system.
  • The launch of TRDO Delegation Bot will be delayed and we are focusing more on Staking based Comment Bot reward distribution mechanism.
  • Due to the illness of @ali-h our CTO we had to delay most of upcoming projects under TRENDO network. But now we are back to the track.
  • We are planning to initiate another Bounty Program to reward Steemians who promotes STEEM at FaceBook.Com.

"Call TRDO, Your Comment Worth Something!"

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Burning is awesome, but what's the long term sustaining plan?


First of all, we are not a tribe token. We flows in everywhere under comment section and we are planning to build platforms under Trendo, like gaming our own staking based distributions like wise!
Most interesting part is Trendo (TRDO) can be the mining token in the future of our other projects. Until STEEM sustain, you will see TRDO here!
Thank you for the interest! If you have more questions please contact us at our discord server.


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Sorry, @darthgexe, You can not reward TRDO Tokens, You must have atleast 1000 TRDO tokens to distribute.

"Call TRDO, Your Comment Worth Something!"

To view or trade TRDO go to steem-engine.com
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