Expressing My Gratitude For The Trees

5개월 전


Trees, so beautiful and majestic, our true elders, guiding us, sustaining us, supplying us with so much that we need in order to thrive.

How their roots reach deep down into the earth feeding information into the soil. Reminding us to dig deep, to establish our own strong roots so that we can stand in our full power.

How their branches reach up to the sky reaching out to create shade and shelter and creating abundance on the Earth below

The trees, they give us medicine, they bring us healing and they help to keep connected us to the Earth!


When I was a child, I used to imagine that the trees were home to magical creatures and that if I was lucky enough, I would find the magic doorway into this magical kingdom, that lay within each tree.

I would dream at night about what lay behind these magical doors, doors that were carved into the majestic and ancient trees that surrounded my childhood home. They would be one wood that would expose the door, which otherwise was hidden behind a cloak of magic. One word to bring the spell and enter!

The Mighty oak, The dramatic Willow and the ever Protective Hawthorne, these are the trees that I would find myself sitting next to, resting my back against them, wondering what magic lay within them.


I could feel their energy and their power. I so needed that when i was growing up, there majestic presence brought me some much needed security and peacefulness , something that I experienced every time I sat amongst them.

Looking back I feel so blessed to have had this connection from such an early age, a connection we all are born with, but as we grow older and time passes we can become distracted from the very thing that brings us peace, from the very thing that keeps us grounded and keeps us connected to the Earth.


The trees are like an anchor, connecting us to the earth and also to the sky. As we climb their branches,looking upwards, contemplating what life would be like above and below. Oh how my imagination would soar, how very freeing it was to climb high and feel so safe enveloped by the many branches. Shielded and protected, hidden from the naked eye!

I have carried this connection and gratitude with me for a long time. Taking strength from the mighty oak, protection from the Hawthorne and such playful energy from the Willow.


The land I live on now, has some of the most beautiful Olive and Almond Trees that I have ever seen. The olive is another tree that offers us strength and peacefulness, especially relevant in these times.

It feels so right that my home is surrounded by them, that my children climb them and rest their backs upon them. They give us such glorious shelter from the sun and their branches hold swings and trapeze for my girls to play on!

I am so grateful for the magic that they have brought into my life, for the profound moments of insight and healing that has come from being in their presence. The trees are our lungs, their are our protectors and guides. They are are our true elders and we must remember to take notice and listen! Because, their wisdom speaks through us, once we take the time to connect!

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