Some Trees Along The Little Gunpowder Trail

9개월 전

I took a lot of photos on my recent visit to the Gunpowder Falls Central Area at Historic Jerusalem Mills. All of my tree photos were taken on the Little Gunpowder Trail (white blaze) which is on the Harford County, Maryland side. I already posted some in my last #bouldersunday post and since I have so many with trees, I am for a #treetuesday post! Don't worry though because I'll still have plenty for a certain walk that, usually, falls on a Wednesday! 😉

First up, I have this big beautiful tree that had an amazing cascade of branches. It was right by the water and the way the sun was shining on it was a sight to behold. I'll show you in a series of three photos as I walked closer to it.




Next, I have this cool looking burl tree. I think if it had a name then it would be! Some of you may get that but it's okay if you don't!



This next tree may look crooked in my photo and that is because it is and there was a reason why it was crooked as well!



Yikes! That was a big tree and eventually it's gonna' finish falling and I don't want to be anywhere near it when it does. Speaking of falling, these huge trees had already fallen. Maybe my photos will give you an idea of how big these things are. I also love the way the sun was coming through in the background trees on these.




My next tree is what I might call a bit of a "show off"! Is it me or does it just scream "look at me"?! Yeah! I knew you would agree and I can't blame the tree as it sure is a pretty one!


Actually, I think all the trees are beautiful! Standing or not, big or tall and by the water or not! They are all beautiful and they do an important job that helps everyone by improving our air quality.



Thank you trees..and..hey you..big guy up on the hill! You look like you could use a hug! 🤗


Thank you @old-guy-photos for #treetuesday!!





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Thanks so much @tipu!! :)


Thank you so much @pixresteemer!! 😊

Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
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Thank you again @pixresteemer!! Appreciate it and YUM beer too!! 😋

Hey @deerjay, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!


Thanks so much @beerlover!! :)

As I am sitting in my windowless office inthe Concrete Jungle that is NYC wishing i was out with nature I came across this delightful post which was such a pleasure to see witht he beautiful greens and light


Thanks so much Jay!! I was thinking when I was deciding which photos to use that I want you and anyone else seeing this to feel like you are there with me. I hope it took you away if only for a few minutes from that "concrete jungle". 🙂


Ohh yes it for sure took me away and you achieved your goal :)

Gorgeous tree photos, as always, @deerjay! I agree that they're all beautiful, and I hope that last one enjoyed his hug! 😊

@giphy curate 100


Thanks so much @giphy!! :)


Thank you so much @traciyork!! I believe he did! 🌲 🤗 😀

Nice tree in the beautiful jungle...


Thanks so much @paperbook!! 🙂


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Thanks so much @untersatz!! 😊


Thank you very much @contrabourdon!! 🙂

Fantastic tree photos Dee. Love the greens and the big guy in the last photo. 💕


Thanks so much Jo!! He is quite the handsome fellow! 😉 😁

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The sights, sounds and fragrances of a walk through the woods are undeniably therapeutic and your photographs perfectly captured the essence!🌳🌿🌳

Congratulations on leveling up to 64! @deerjay🎊 Here's a little something to celebrate the occasion! tip!


Thank you so much Nina for your lovely comment, the congrats and tip!! Very much appreciated! A walk in the wood (weather permitting) is always good for the soul! 😊