A Tree In The Middle Of Town - A Tree Tuesday Contribution

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It's Tuesday once again and here's my contribution to #treetuesday hosted by @old-guy-photos.


This huge tree I happen to see last week while waiting for my wife to finish buying our grocery supplies for the week. It is growing right beside a dainty little white-house-converted-into-a-restaurant just right beside the Ducati showroom (click here for more of my Ducati post).

As you can see, the house was built around the tree apparently so they didn't have to cut it down.

Photo above shows the top of the tree with its branches and leaves interwoven among the electrical lines and the house's roof. The owner is making sure that the tree would not pose as a disturbance to the electric lines passing through it and its own rain gutters.

Further towards the other end of the house, a view of the top.

The view of the top from another angle.

This tree is easily over 70 years old. To think that this is growing right in the middle of downtown is already a remarkable thing. Sort of a throwback of the past in the present time.


Here's the tree's trunk. I tried looking for the root system but I could not find it. Obviously, the owner had it covered when the house was constructed.

Wondering what this tree is? It's a Mango Tree. And during the mango season, a tree this big (although some of its branches have been trimmed off) can still easily bear over 3,000 to 5,000 kilos of mangoes. At a market price of 50 pesos (which is the in-season price) this can easily fetch the owner 150,000 to 250,000 a year. Not bad for a tree. Not bad at all.

That's it folks for this Tuesday. Hope you enjoyed your visit. Have a great day. Stay safe and happy.

(All photos are mine.)

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at first glance i knew it was a mango tree


There's a certain pattern in their bark that easily identifies them but I can't just point my finger at. I guess growing up with 3 mango trees in our compound makes them very familiar with me :)