Running Late For Tree Tuesday

2개월 전

Hello Steemit friends. It's a bit late for Tree Tuesday, an initiative of @old-guy-photos but later is always better than never.

The picture below shows a dirt road lined with trees. These are mahogany trees, planted at different times over the last 2 and a half decades, some over 20 years ago, some maybe just 5 or 6 years ago.

These trees have quite a big demand in the furniture industry because of its dark reddish color, exquisite grain and durability. This particular specie of tree is described as follows:

Philippine mahogany, common name for several different species of trees and their wood. Botanically, the name refers to Toona calantas in the mahogany family, Meliaceae. It is endemic to the Philippines. - Google search

They can really grow tall and wide, given enough time. The wider in diameter they are, the more expensive they become.

Photo above shows a 20 plus year old mahogany tree being embraced by a tree lover which shows just how wide and tall this tree can grow.

Photos below show furnitures made from mahogany.



That's all folks. Thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoyed it. Stay safe and have a great week ahead!

(All photos are mine.)

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