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Hi @originalworks the information is present with original link to make people aware of how endangered these prehistoric trees are. No foul play.


Thanks @tosinox4u sad to see plants being poached as well.


Have a great day @marcohernandez98 thanks for visiting


no problem thanks to you for posting XD

Very beautifull tree and place views


I will start trying to identify them when I see them in future @bestrakibul2

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I think they are fascinating! Such dinosaur plants (see... I avoided 'tree' or 'shrub'... lol) I read something before about them being totally ancient plants and you confirmed it here that they date back 280 million years! They have that worm-looking new shoots that ferns have... Amazing that you have them in your garden!!
I just found this, may help answer your question... :) Cheers!


Thanks for the link, I am not surprised that they are related to palms, the answer is a tree and shrub.

When fresh shoots come out on my one they are soft and silky to the touch, grow into thorns and rip your flesh once they get a bit older. Why people poach them annoys me endlessly, when I bought there were no laws, but I would never take one from the wild, makes no sense.

The Cycas you can grow without permits or license and I have those for a later post, also very pretty.

Oh great brother you nice author, keep it up