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This is amazing. I had not heard of these trees. It is sad that climate change is affecting them and that we could actually do something about climate change if it weren't for leaders, some businesses, and so many people who ignore science.


If we don't start to listed, we will be sure to feel the affects going into the future!

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We ofren forget that the beauty of Africa is all around us and not confined to the big 5 animals that everyone comes to see. Thank you for highlighting other aspects of our beautiful country.


Very diversified, new a dull moment in nature or it's people, I am African and proud of where we live.

In the first image, the tree's trunk looks almost concrete! Or like an older elephants leg. It has a gray look to it. Is that normal or is the camera playing tricks on my eyes?


Very grey in colour on some of the trees, they do let your imagination run wild @goldendawne

It looks much bigger than I expected.


One tree in our Limpopo area has a small pub inside that seats thirteen people apparently @psyceratopsb


That is crazy...

Thanks for the story. Spectacular tree! Particularly impressed with the old tree.


Not a tree you will forget in a hurry once you have witnessed the immense size @eto-ka

Baobab has fruits?! Whoa, every day we learn sth new :) Wish I could see them in Africa before people destroy everything. Thanks for sharing :)


So much in nature, we go through life not learning what it gives us @route-m-d thanks for visiting.

Great post @joanstewart! Like a few others I didn't know the Baobab tree had fruit. I had heard of the powder before, but thought it came from the roots or bark like so many other powders from trees. Definitely looks like something I need check into trying.


We never stop learning, that is what makes life interesting @tryskele

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Wonderful photos and great information about the baobab tree Joan!


Been my favourite since I was young, always intrigued me Roger, thanks for visiting.

This is such great information. I wonder if it would grow in California and how long before it would fruit for the first time. That is some jam packed nutrition!!


Definitely everything is used @mariannewest it would be interesting to know if it could be planted for sustained living on other continents. Not sure how long a tree takes before supplying, it may be a tree to plant for future generations.


I have to read up on it more and see if I can find seeds...

Trees are amazing


Life is amazing, learn something new every day @ianstevenson

I had no idea these are found in Australia! I’ve always found them to be quite mysterious looking.

But also had no idea about their nutritional and medicinal properties. Amazing! I’m going to share this with the @naturalmedicine group.


Thanks for sharing and comment @metametheus - here is a link for your region

woow dam beautiful....


Our amazing blue plant @sabinaforster

What a great write up and photography on the Baobab tree. So interesting that the Baobab is vital to it's eco-system and provides such a nutritious fruit. Africa has so much bounty to offer, it shouldn't be so poor, but it is exploited over many centuries by richer nations and corporations.


Wealth in trees around the world we know little to nothing about.

Sadly Africa has been exploited, raped, pillaged over the years in history, many other countries of the world suffered the same fate, perhaps in the future humans will learn to be civilized!

I love trees. I did a post a while back about some of the cool trees I saw in Belgium. Do you know which tree lives longer - the Baobab or the Giant Sequoia? I've spent time in the Redwoods and am truly in awe of those gorgeous trees.


I believe the Giant Sequoia is still older, not too sure. All trees that make good age are fascinating, something humans have not accomplished yet.


Yes! There are also cacti that live to be centuries old. It's so fascinating. If only they could speak and tell us all the things they've seen in that time!

Nice.I have seen some 300 years old trees in botanical park in bangalore. I thought that as the oldest one. Now in this some scientists predicted 6000 years which is very old looks like a rare species for me.


Africa being the oldest continent it is not surprising to find hidden secrets like the Baobab Tree.

Here is the one they referred to, however this has no by what I read been properly carbon dated.

Here is the article about the section used as a pub, not what I would do to a magnificent tree, once again someone making money off of the land....

Nice post.

Increíble todos los nutrientes en una sola fruta, es una bendición para esas zonas donde hay escasez de alimentos, la naturaleza siempre compensa. saludos de id kryptonia @reyos69


Thank you for visiting @reyos

Great post. Learned a lot.

Thanks for the info on this the baobab tree. I just marvel at all things man receives from the use of trees throughout the world. Life on earth could not exist without trees.


Water, bees, certain plants need urgent attention, humans are looking in the wrong places for riches, what we have, we need to look after.

Without trees the world will be dead

Oh wow, I actually didn't know baobab has fruits and can be eaten haha :D I've heard about this tree only in children books haha, wasn't it actually mentioned in Little Prince?

Woow you totally reminded me of Cryptonia hah, I should use it more :) Haven't beet there for weeks. THanks!



It has pulp and seed inside, powder sold all over the world, interesting where you learned about trees @matkodurko

Try the new Kryptonia out

We had some of the fruit a long time ago when we worked on a contract in Bullawayo Lady Joan. Really old and beautiful trees! Blessings!


First time I saw the big tree at Vic Falls I was about ten years old, since then this tree is my favourite Stephen.

Had my neighbour, a talented sketch artist do two pieces of art for my lounge, one is the Baobab tree.

Great Info About Trees 🌲 Also Very Beautiful Pics 👍 👍

trees are very important, the bible even mention it several times

Trees are Gods gift to us human, I wonder how the world will be without trees?

I really like trees. I sleep in one every other day lol. kryptonia @uche234

Holy cow! I had no idea this tree was so useful, @joanstewart. I went through an "Africa" phase in my youth and read all kinds of books about the history, geography, and exploration of the continent. I always was intrigued by this tree for the name alone. Thank you for filling in the details!


Always more to learn, I was reading in some parts of Africa they grow lots of these trees in a nursery, when still young sell them for eating the roots, similar to carrots also highly nutritious.

Never too old to learn!


Oh wow. I bet those are so yummy. I love all the roots veggies :)

Nice article for kryptonians

Great job, here are a lot of information about Baobab and most of them I didn't know.


Living is about learning, it never stops @anixio

Such fascinating info on the Baobab tree, nature is quite amazing! Love your tree posts, lovely photos too :)


Thanks for support and visiting, so much right under our noses we do not realize is edible, have a wonderful day Lizelle.

I have never seen the fruit of baobab. New information for me, thank you for nice article and photos.
Kryptonia ID @hairyfairy


I am watching the seasonal changes on the tree closest to us, it started with leaves a couple of weeks ago and appears flowering should be evident this weekend, possibly get some more photo's.

nice post my friends

Enjoyed learning more about the baobab! I really enjoyed seeing them in Senegal several years ago. One of the only souvenirs I have from my travels is a cast baobab sculpture.


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What a wonderful way to remember your visit, it will always stay in your memory.

Always liked the Baobab! Thanks for sharing more about those treefolk.


Can imagine them telling stories, whispering in the night @manoldonchev

Very cool to see shots of the actual tree! I have actually had some of the powdered fruit before that my boyfriend's mom gave us. I didn't realize it was so packed with nutrition until I looked at the label. It's been a while since we finished it, so I might have to grab some more. I only used it in smoothies, but might be fun to try some different things with it next time around. :)


Very versatile by the recipes I read, left the link for those interested @planstoplanks


I will definitely check those out! :)

Another informative post,great it's really good to know that this kind of trees exists. #Awareness

It is really sad that climate change is affecting them and that we could actually do something about climate change if it weren't for leaders, some businesses, and so many people who ignore science.


Nature is speaking to us and we tend not to listen to either nature nor scientists, soon it will be aqua-cities not sure what will come next.

I've not heard of these trees! and it looks massive o,o
Oh also, > The Baobab tree stores water, that's new thing I learned. SOOO next time, if we travel and thirsty, this tree is a great help!


Many plants store water, cactus, succulents, palm trees, we modern humans have forgotten how to live off the land @macchiata thanks for visiting.


hmm.. see I don't even know palm trees store water too! I think I need to learn more on plantation ^^ at least for a general information. Who knows it can be useful one day right?

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A very helpful tree..!

The first time i heard this kind of tree is amazing!

wow, it's great!

Sacred tree it is. I love how the entire tree has usefulness and is still respected. It is so beautiful and so big!