A Treerific Tree Tuesday!




My old palms had a harsh go of it this spring. Nipped by frost, they are fighting their way back to green.


Kind of looks like a metaphor for the crypto space in general and Steemit in particular. A proper dreary day.


Perhaps Steemit will never onboard the masses? Maybe it is destined to stay a niche blogging platform?


Can it even exist as one? How low can we go and still be viable? Perhaps the proverbial fork has already been stuck in us - even before the next hardfork?


I suppose only time will tell...

Have a Tree-rific Tuesday

If you are breathing today, thank a tree.


Thanks for stopping by!

All words and images are mine and can be also found on my various social media sites. Now I must add that some of the shots I steal from my son Ben @silver314 , but I feed him so he can sue me lol.



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We can always hope things will get better here in the land of Steemit! 😃


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Well thank you! A full upvote to support you!

Love it, "if you're breathing today, thank a tree". Always been a big fan of the tree. Your palm is a bit on the withered side, but I'm sure it will perk up. As for Steemit, I sure hope so too. Life would be dreary-er than your skyline, in my life, without it. Such a fun place to be. I hope it at least stays in existence. Though the stuff of summer has been slowing things down from this end. Things will get more active once the projects are all done. "Ha haaa, good one!!"
As for Steemit, lets hope for the best. Happy Tree Tuesday, and keep on smiling. Cheers

Oh, I shall vote catchup, when my little counter catches up. I seem to drain that little pool pretty dry on a regular basis.


Oh indeed Steemit has a way of sneaking into ones life and can be quite immersive! I love it actually!

We will survive no matter how hard it is if the tree can do it, so can we!

At least you have taken great pictures of your plants! ;)

I think it will make it through

Everything looks great, even the sad palms.

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This palm tree is a real fighter! He will recover from the bad weather and thrive!
It’s going to be all green in the near future!

Happy #TreeTuesday!

I think that I would cut those browning palms off, all the way down. Just the brown ones and it will spur new growth. The branches have to use too much energy trying to recoup life in the dying branches.

Love your tree and give it a haircut!

Rain is such a lovely thing some days. Just the excuse I need to stay home and eat cinnamon buns. LeLe

Have a great night!!!


Goddamit dude, you had me with the one where you pictured the drops. Still in aweee!

Thank you, trees! Great post, @old-guy-photos. I love the metaphor.

Like the palm tree steem and steemit is struggling but let’s hope it can rebound

Thanks for this great post and being an active member of @steemusa !tip

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I have some palm trees like this in my office. Maybe I'm gonna share them also. :)

While we have our frost bites and dry days. With the masses you also get crazy wild fires and a lot of other issues they brining. It’s like walking in a beautiful and quite garden to be left alone in your own thoughts for the most part during these slower times. While I don’t expect things to get as big as a YouTube or Facebook. Being that big brings all kinds of issues and eyeballs looking to slap down regulation and trouble. For now it’s just nice to enjoy things as they are.