A Tree-rific Tree Tuesday

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Welcome To A

Tree-rific Tree Tuesday


This was a lovely magnolia that we found along our walk at the park. It was in varying states of bloom!


I love the delicate shape and the beautiful color of the bloom!


I hope your Tuesday is going as nice as mine is so far


Thanks for stopping by!

All words and images are mine and can be also found on my various social media sites. Now I must add that some of the shots I steal from my son Ben @silver314 , but I feed him so he can sue me lol.


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Your Magnolia blooms are absolutely striking! How fortunate for you that you are just in the very beginning stages of spring and have so much more to enjoy and ours is on it's very last leg, hinting towards the warmer part of the season.

I really like the different magnolia trees and I have found that I have three different ones in my neighborhood. Are the purple ones prevalent in the state of Michigan? Or do they have the big fluffy white ones in addition to these?

I think my very favorite one that you capture this actually the fourth picture down where it's halfway open that's so very soft and delicate looking. I was pleasantly surprised at how resilient they really are.

Did you realize that there were Magnolias that bloom early in the spring such as the ones that I am used to that only have two white flowers and leaves appear later mostly after the flowers have fallen off. There's another variety that blooms later in the spring and sometimes early summer in some places and they have leaves already in place, perhaps you're familiar with them, I believe they're called southern magnolias and they have big waxy leaves and I actually are very beautiful and showy. They take forever to grow. I actually planted one in my yard in the Florida house and it seems like it was 3 ft tall for about 10 years and now suddenly it's not. I went through all the bad stages with it were it would give me to flowers a year and now somebody else is enjoying the abundance of its beauty. Go figure.

And because I know you cook I will tell you that some of them are edible. I know that in some places they pickle the pedals and use it as a spicy condiment. And in some of the Asian cultures they also pickle it and use the bud for tea.

In short, your Magnolias are absolutely gorgeous and one of my favorite flowers. I hope you take the time to photograph them almost every single day because their different stages are absolutely incredible, even in the demise of them, they keep on spewing out the beauty. In the blink of an eye though be gone so make sure you get your fill of them so you'll have plenty of material to work with.

I want to apologize for skipping your post, especially since I posted into your challenge. Perhaps you could post it a little bit earlier before I work so that I can catch it. But knowing that you have gotten into bad habits about posting so late oh, I'll just try to make an effort to look out for your posts.

As always I wish you a good night and have a fabulous Thursday ahead.

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Please know that I am always and forever so very thankful for your time and generosity. Yes I do like to tease you a bit, but honestly it is in fun and I was never ever ever upset. I should have not started in being all silly. As usual my timing was off. I just want you to know I never take your time or generosity for granted. I really need to be more thankful and less teasing. You know you always do bring the Sunshine with you. Full upvote for you and sorry for being jerky. I need to stop chasing you on the playground lol. You are just so darn fun tho!!

Lovely macro shots and the color of the magnolia bloom is gorgeous.


Aww thank you!

Lots of rain ... here ...but tomorrow looks to be better...Thanks for #treetuesday

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What a beauty! Are they still blooming there where you are?

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Happy Tuesday to you. My side here is Wednesday now.

I absolutely love the colour and the bloom of the flower. So lovely. Thank you for capturing it. =)

So nice shots again!
Thanks a lot for sharing!
Magnolia are really Tree-rific :)

That's a beautiful bloom !

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Wow, pink magnolia flowers, really? I have only seen white ones and always thought they were only white. Silly me.

Spectacular shots! I love magnolias.