A Terrific Tree Tuesday!



Happy Tree Tuesday!!!

I went to Urban Outfitters to get some Market Friday shots and I saw this adorable palm. I WANT ONE lol.


For today's color challenge by @kalemandra:


I went to a bonsai show and want to share my fave ones.

Look at the cool roots on this one!!


Look how the rocks are growing over and past the stone!



There is a lot of cool ground cover stuff here. Many little trees and mossy things too!


Always amazed at how such a small thing can grow fruit OMG!!!


Outside the building, there was one of the bendy pines or Grinch trees as I call them!


I hope you all had a Tree-rific Tuesday!


I am adding cool new items to my favorites on my Amazon store everyday

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Thanks for stopping by!

All words and images are mine and can be also found on my various social media sites. Now I must add that some of the shots I steal from my son Ben @silver314 , but I feed him so he can sue me lol.


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Hello old-guy-photos!

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Two #TreeTuesday posts? Now you are really spoiling us!

This would have been such a perfect #MarketFriday post! It has everything in it that you needed!

Le sigh.

I see. You like life in the fast and furious lane. Well, I am sure you snapped plenty and now I will just have to wait and what you have for it. As an aside, the first palm is called a pony-tail palm. (can you see why???) :)

I love those Bonsai fruits! How cute are they? Did you come home with another? You know you wanted to!



I am sorry. I went to that show and I saw some cool looking bonsai trees. Some folks like to read blogs, some people like to watch videos. I didnt mean it to be repetitive. Truly one cannot please all the people all the time.

I told you earlier where I was at and I was getting MF content. You just have to be patient! :D The palm I had to put in for today. I got loads of good MF shots. I really enjoyed that store. I think I will put the place we ate too.

Thank you much for the name of the palm. I would like to get one someday.

Nooo buying a bonsai is like buying votes on your post YUCK! Who would want to do that. Like paying for a friend. No thank you! lol No I make my own bonsai. I trim and train them. I have 2 that have been trained for a year so far.


Oh, no! Not sorry!! I am so hard-pressed for posts that I wouldn't post two!!! Not when I could stretch it out!

If you mistook that, my apologies. Some people are just so hard to please!

You are so right.

You can actually go to Home Depot or Lowes in their cactus/succulent section and they will usually have a ponytail palm in there. They are usually small, if I recall correctly, they seem to grow at a pretty good clip.

It actually never occurred to me to make my own bonsai! I'm not kidding. I wonder it works with any tree? Thanks for that thought.

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I always think bonsais are magnificent. They are like miniature of the forest. Haha.

That palm tree is really adorable. And you have a tree-rific Tuesday too. =)

Bonsai with moss looks spectacular, trees always make a grand display @old-guy-photos, whether big or small, tall or short trees make everyday better.