Double Trouble

8개월 전

I headed out hoping to find a beautiful tree to share with @old-guy-photos on this #treetuesday. We had just had a freeze two weeks earlier that turned everything brown and brittle, but I was optimistic there would be one left that had a little color changing happening.

I'm glad I had my camera with me or no one would ever believe what happened to me.

Noticing suspicious characters is not something I'm in tune to but today was different. Something was not right as I was driving in the older part of Colorado Springs that has great old trees...I could just feel it in the air. After looking around at several trees in the neighborhood areas I noticed some very strange in one particular yard and again I thought somethings not right. I parked the car and went into a stranger's yard, hid by their tree and peered through the leaves. (This is what I'm doing nowadays for a steemit story...who would have thought?)

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I'm lucky I got out of there alive!

And now for the real story. I did not plan on having a double vision post of warped gifs but it was a day of problems and that's just how it ended and I decided to just go with it. I don't know where to begin with telling you how much computer trouble and PowerDirector software problems I had, so I won't. I'm headed towards eight hours on this silly post. I walked away twice. My computer has shutdown four times and...and...and...and...! It has been a real test here at Bazarro World Studio on a very silly post that I think my granddaughter will get a kick out of and what I did to get the story.

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Oh, so this is how it happens. I asked myself "what is that double effect" while watching :)
You know, its funny but I got some troubles with my #treetuesday post today too. When I finished the draft and stepped away for a minute, the electricity just gone in a whole block. I don't know what had happened, my phone had a very low battery as well as power bank. Now it is back, and when I opened a browser I saw a new post window hell empty. Although, I found it in drafts fortunately :)

Yes welcome to my world! And to think people say doing videos is easy ha! Well I am glad you got out of there ok. Got don't let the computer drive you crazy lol! Great post!


I don't know if I can take another round of that level of frustration. I have to admit I did keep my humor for most of the ordeal but not ALL of it. lol. It wasn't pretty.