Trees That Trick or Teach

10개월 전

I guess if I was a tree I would want to leave a legacy also.


That's why I've decided to call trees that are not totally gone, Legacy Trees. They still hold value for those who see it.

Cylinders, cubes, triangles and rectangles may be new words added to a child's vocabulary when checking out this wise ole stump.

My sisters and I came upon this "Legacy Tree" and what I thought was going to make a cute little Kodak moment with what was left of this tree for #Treetuesday hosted by @old-guy-photos. We held hands and I tried to sit still and smile but...
JJJ. tree USED - Copy.jpg

something inside the tree trunk kept getting in my hair.

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After much gyration and hair flicking I finally jumped up and see the culprit with her disappearing arm.
20190916_142051 (1).jpg

Trick or Teach

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Ahahahaha she got you a good one alright!!!!!! Now that is really funny right there!!!!


We have a good time. I hope to get my week with them post up next week.

Very nice photos! Smiling farces!


Nice photography with your sisters and Legacy Tree too.