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Emergence of blockchain technology has given out capabilities for enterprises and platforms worldwide to develop their ecosystem and operations which secures a promising future for these industries and firms. Although, the advantages of blockchain can be incorporated into various aspects of the global sector such as Cybersecurity , Financial institutions, Logistics , Healthcare, Business management etc yet the adoption of blockchain is moving rather slow than expected. This slow global adoption of blockchain raises many questions which includes ; Do people fail to understand the potential of blockchain or does the problem lies in the still young and growing age of blockchain?. Questions like this have been puzzling many experts over the years but the fact remains that blockchain might be a new trend taking over the world's economy, it is established with the sole purpose of tackling some major problems which the convectional centralized system couldn't achieve. Taking this into consideration yielded several beneficial projects including the EZ365 platform whose plans is to enhance the global market and blockchain community.
So many people might be thinking, what is EZ365 about?
To answer that question, you need to understand that EZ365 is a new groundbreaking virtual ecosystem which houses online trading, gaming and blockchain education facilities appealing to users. Simply, EZ365 is the first Blockchain based platform that integrates three extraordinary trending enterprises or facilities within a single ecosystem. If you are a cryptocurrency trader whether professional or amateur, then, EZ exchange is built for you. The EZ exchange is a decentralized ecosystem with advanced features for asset exchange including fiat trading where users can have the best experience with assurance of 24/7 customer support to assist in any issues or inconvenience.
There is available EZ Win facility within the EZ365 platform, enabling users to relax and have fun by betting on blockchain based casino games, sports and esports. Users are given the option to bet on the games with the use of stablecoin, where the stablecoin mitigates the volatile issues of the cryptocurrency market. Players are guaranteed to bet with probably fair odds without manipulation in winnings unlike conventional casino and online betting platforms.
EZ Academy, a blockchain based online academy established within the platform is designed to provide users with access to online education. This concept is a complete developed approach by EZ365 to help anyone obtain online courses to promote knowledge and skills acquisition related to the blockchain technology and virtual currency ecosystem including how it is been applied.
Interesting facts about the EZ365 is that use of blockchain technology as the foundation of the EZ365 ecosystem ensures that the platform is more democratic in operations, eliminates the involvement of third parties and provides more pathways for introduction of more development into the cryptocurrency space. Promoting of blockchain and digital currency adoption on massive scale is a top agenda of EZ365 and users can register on the platform while being completely assured that assets owned are completely safeguarded because EZ365 platform is integrated with advanced security mechanism which prevents and fight against attacks from hackers.
EZ365 ongoing Initial Exchange Offering provides option to convert the EZ365 utility token to a security token and as a token holder, you will be entitled to a discount on trading transaction fees and trading subscription on EZ exchange, limitless access to premium resources on EZ Academy and staking free rewards including credit on EZ Win. Don't miss this opportunity to participate in the IEO and purchase EZ365 token at affordable prices.

Token Supply : 200,000,000
Token Price: $0.08 - $0.12
Accepted Payment Method : BTC & ETH
IEO Date : Sept 5th 2019 – Oct 31st

There are numerous projects in the cryptocurrency space that have collapsed before actualizing their goals because of unorganized team members and lack of experience. Understanding this as a key factor for the success of any project and companies, EZ365 is entirely comprised of team members who have years of experience in blockchain technology and digital currencies. With all these experts working in cohesion, the EZ365 project is heading towards a promising future which offers opportunities for anyone worldwide to participate and receive benefits that is rare within the cryptocurrency sphere.

You can get more information about EZ365 project by using the links below;
Website: https://ez365.io/
Whitepaper: https://ez365.io/s/EZ365_Whitepaper-wpl2.pdf
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5173028
Overview Deck: https://ez365.io/s/EZ365_OverviewDeck-ymzz.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EZ365ecosystem
Telegram: https://t.me/EZ365

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