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Hey guys, this is one of my very first Steemit blogs. One of many i hope. The reason for me making this blog is because i have great a believe for this platform. I won't claim to be the most best blogger out there, because i am not.

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I am a guy who used to think that things like these, blogging/posting whatever was something that only complex people with amazing writhing skills could do. However, i was very wrong because every person out there is unique and has their own way of writhing and reflecting on what they believe in.


In my case its to talk about my life and the things i do in my life. The investments i make, the people i help, the things i talk about etc. For a lot of you out there this might be something very random. But for some or me it is something extraordinary, because not only am i going to post a lot more i am going to talk about all i know about cryptos and all the stocks i know about. (Stocks is where my profession lies :D)


Anyways, this is my first Steemit blog, and all i want to preach is that you should post what you want to post. Something that inspires you and makes you love the very world in which we live in. Not something that people make you write all what you think might reach the biggest attraction.

And i hope a lot of you learn something from this post, because a important factor about this platform is that it could be anything. You, and you yourself can make this platform into anything.

So i would like to end towards a quote close to my heart: "Don't change so people will like you.Be yourself and the right people will love the real you".

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With that i would like to thank all of you reaching the end, and look forward to making more inspirational content such as this. Leave a comment if your inspired to do what you want!

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