The Homeless Man

5년 전

I have been a Steemit member for about four months now, and it was great in the beginning. I had a strong welcome with my Bitcoin ATM Red Leaf I posted two months back. To fresh memories, I purchased bitcoin through the ATM, which has a fee attached to it, so I was giving everyone a heads up on the fees. While the rewards of those posts were huge, after that, it began going downhill fast. I have signed up to Ethtrader and waited out the sixty days and received more than what I had put in. I have signed up to and gotten little back yet what do you expect from cryptocurrency?

However, this posts isn't about me it is about a man I saw sleeping on a bench post at my local library. I helped by making the library aware a man was sleeping outside. They have helped others in his situations in the past, which is a why it is frequent for people who have nowhere to go to be there for safety, I guess. Yes, there are others like him, but infrequently come through there. This man just looked like he just had it. So no Steemitors no interviews.

Now I can put a lie up here and said I did this and that for him, but no I couldn't do anything even though I knew about cryptocurrency. This is usually the time when you think crypto would work best in this situation, but the man is homeless so no computer or smartphone. I know about crypto while I have bought some I quickly sold them because of the markets voilitility. Twenty dollars would not do anything for him he needed real help. I called back the Library I was told the director handled it.

This is my point there is a limit one can use cryptocurrency because every cryptocurrency is about holding, betting, buying, selling, and investing. If I am making excuse please point out my excuse and I will point you to "Coin King". There are times I wish I could do what the Old BATMAN Joker did. Ride a parade float down the street playing Princess "Trust" throwing cash-out into the street.

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