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Welcoming Eid that counts more days, surely you are busy-busy preparing everything for homecoming to the hometown. For those of you who return this year to Malang it is not wrong also to prepare a family holiday. Holiday Lebaran this time take advantage of the time available to perform various activities with the family. For those who do not know family attractions in Malang is a lot of exciting and must be visited lho. Here are the recommendations family attractions in Malang that can be visited during Lebaran holidays.

    Place of Family Tour in Malang Image: Instagram / @ novie.vie_ Malang Raya, especially Batu City, seems to be more active in developing its tourism sector. Evidently, with the increasing number of new tourist attractions that have sprung up. For example like a new family tourist place called "Predator Fun Park". As the name suggests, in this tourist place does present a variety of predators or wild animals that you can later make as a vehicle for education. There, you and your family can learn about the crocodile's captivity, its capture and its utilization. And when you're done you can still enjoy the various rides of the game loh! Such as labyrinth maze, croco train, waterpark and outbound place. The location itself is located in Dusun Gangsiran, Tlekung Village, Junrejo, Batu city, Malang Raya.
    2.The BAGONg ADVANTURE Museum Body.
    Place of Family Tour in Malang Image: Instagran / @septyaneno Built on an area of ​​1 hectare, the museum body called "The Bagong Advanture" is staying digadang has become one of the museum body in Indonesia who managed to get the greatest predicate in Asia. Inside there are also various educational vehicles that are divided into several zones, including the zone of teeth, nasal zone, ear zone, bone zone, heart zone and much more. To make it easier for visitors to understand education in every zonanya, the manager complete with a variety of modern props. Asiknya again, there is also available check-ups or various body checks for free by experienced doctors loh! The location itself is still in the area of ​​East Java Park 1, Sisir, District Batu, Kota Batu, Malang Raya.
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