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This morning we discussed ponzi schemes and what classifies.


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You're definitely right about Control Finance having a nice website. It's better designed even compared to BCC website. Control finance seems like a Ponzi scheme. The commissions on their plan especially at the advance level appear to be just too large to sustain that scheme for a long a time.

If BitConnect is here end if next year you all are going to be pissed off! Well the people that havent invested init! Most ponzis are take ya bitcoin for silly hourly accumulative payouts that never come in the end. Bitconnect has somthing to offer. it has a coin that you buy with your btc! I only invest what I am not dependant on. do the same!


well said Williams! more guys like you need referrals!


Am small fry in this game haha. 😆

Ponzi schemes almost all end up in failure. The people who make the most money in them are the founders followed by the people who got in really early then cashed out.

Nice Video


I agree!

"Is it too late to join Bitconnect?"

"Yes. It too late to join Bitconnect."

All win.


No it aint!I got 4.3k in BCC https://bitconnect.co/?ref=williams858


Watch the video, understand the joke.

"....and it's gone!"

I totally agree with you BitConnect has a BlockChain and buy and sell orders list is long - so this makes for 50% of validation - now the trading bot is a question but if it pays lets just collect
anyways never invest more then you can afford to loose


I agree, also if the price of BTC continues to rise then it increases the longevity of bitconnect. If there was a way to view the trading bots trades that might help dispel some doubt.


Unless you want to outsmart potential Scam -
1 Deposit what you can afford to loose ( lets say $1000 )
2 in about 100 days Bot will pay that back in profits
3 withdraw $1000 you just made
and just play the rest of the game basically for FREE
this is my Plan :) https://bitconnect.co/?ref=xgrosz

"I got one question, does it have a blockchain?"


bitconnect does yes

Many Nigerians lost a lot in different ponzi schemes this year. I also lost alot. The search of other means of income as a student led me to Steemit after losing alot to Ponzis. I had to buy steems to power up though because i so much believe in Steemit. Resteemed


Bitcoin just surpassed it's all time high and this time it's fucking smashed it! W00P W00P

The amount of Ponzi Schemes in the crypto space is crazy. Keep it simple, buy the strongest assets and hold them!

haha awesome streem man

bitconnect is not a ponzi scheme


@trevonjb im glad you brought this up in todays new vast world of crypto there is a lot of opportunity and with opportunity there's always those that are trying to take advantage of it. It is a smart thing to raise awareness of Ponzi schemes we may not ever be able to stop them but we can absolutely put a dent in their plans by coming together maybe we should start a page where we list all of the known Ponzi schemes even the old ones that had been caught and shut down as a reference who knows it might just help.

I enjoyed the talk. I was there on my youtube account "Chrono Rising" I don't make videos or anything but that's the account I was using. I like how you keep it real.

People really do just throw around terms they have no frickin clue about, or what they mean. Its just fear talking on there end. Great video as always bro, keep the content pumping! Glad to see you killing it out there!

Ponzi schemes just suck period. Made to make the boss of it richer & pretty much screw the rest that are below him/her. HYIPs are shit too. Years ago i was part of a HYIP & actually got paid. After that, haven't got crap. They jump server to servers & their info is private. The choice is ultimately yours which you have to be VERY CAUTIOUS.

bitminer owes me 0.00517600 BTC

have been following you for a while now, man you funny as hell and i learned a lot from ya....cheers mate god bless ya!!

Great video. I think bitconnect has a very bright future

why you always do so good!, hahahaaha, i'm little jeolous :D @travenjob

Thanks tre! Best guy in the crypto scene ill say it all day long.

amazing topic @trevonjb "Ponzi schemes" these schemes really make the internet the worse place.

ponzi schemes i really want btc sir and sure i get it if this get us from ur video

helpfull buddy
keep it up

its wonder full if we win the the btc from ur video really i subsucribe it trevonjb sir

Another amazing video thanks for sharing with us @trevenjob!!

Control Finance and Bitconnect are both Ponzi pyramid schemes with elements of crypto overlaid to give the appearance of legitimacy.

Amazing !

Nice information about ponzi schemes.

Well said , I am still studying about control finance though. Invested a few bucks but referral helps a lot.

I hate how you gotta go to the YouTube page to hit the Like buttom. I wanna be hitting u with YouTube likes, but I don't be wanting to go on YouTube

damn right true!

The capital releases are going to put selling pressure on the BitConnect Coin as people transfer their capital release into BitConnect then sell that into Bitcoin to "Withdrawl to their bank account!", so around then could be a good time to buy and HODL some BCC tokens

Upvote just for that face👌🏼

Another super video !! Great, I like your job!
I invite you to go through my blog may be to your liking and I can learn more from you !!

I think All HYIP propositions are ponzi schemes. There is no other way to explain the high returns that they promise. Please correct me if I am wrong here.
So the point is that most of the companies operating such websites seem to get away with the crimes. Not sure if they are pursued & brought to book.
The silver lining though is that some of the forums (like bitcointalk.org) do discuss such issues & warn others not to invest.


If someone is making crazy profits with a trading bot, no scheme involved. However, there is a lot of people who are "bag holders" or people who lost money. Stocks and all trading instruments are transfers of wealth. Not money makers necessarily.

Been in control finance for a month. My approach with this stuff is wait and see, just put a small deposit and watch what it does. I think what's happening is forex traders who use bots to trade forex are just opening margin accounts on crypto exchanges, and then taking in investor's money and trading it on exchanges using bots and giving investors a small chunk of the profit.


For a forex trader this is probably just as easy and more profitable than an actual ponzi. There are NO regulations on trading crypto. You can trade as many times as you can a day, 24/7, 365.


What i did not notice: you ain't gonna get your investment back. Your deposit will stay there for as long as control finance is around. Just hope to make enough profit to get the deposit back ;)


yup. They lock up your money for good. I already made 400% profit though.

@trevonjames you need to see they way ponzischeme was in my country for the past four months but now it has reduced

People want to say that Steem is a ponzi, but you can make $$$ here without putting up any of your own funds. That goes against what a Ponzi scheme is because without new $$$ CONSTANTLY flowing in a Ponzi falls apart. I love the ideas of Steem and Bitconnect, great livestream.


Umm. Every business depends on new or repeat money flowing in to stay operational. Is that the definition of a ponzi? If the owners at the top of a business makes more than the workers at the bottom does that make that business a ponzi or pyramid? If a business pays its sales team a commission to bring in more clients who spend money in that business does that make it a pyramid?

I only know one thing about ponzi schemes. They never work except the creators :D

Great video men really loved it i'll make sure to subscribe

Thanks for the update trevon much love!

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intangible? I cannot see that that means?

how can i contact you want to ask you a question and get your advice on something. what is your steemit chat name or is youtube private message better?

ponzi schemes 'to the moon'

nice post

ponzi has thought me a lesson i will not forget.

Go, go Bitcoin to 1.000.000 $ :)

awesome.Keep up the good work

I think ponzi is a relative term, any program which seems to be legit and legal turned out to be ponzi later.

As always nice video talking about different possible ponzi schemes

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Bitconnect is the truth thru the roof and I think this is just the beginning to a beautiful journey towards building wealth and being financially free

Now that bitconnect is showing so much progress I am not surprised to see others coming out with a similar format. I do always see it it looks shady. Control finance might be legit but seeing the exchange on bitconnect makes me feel more secure putting my money into bcc. I also don't like the idea of people sitting there and taking my money while promising all this profit. To good to be true. The fact that there is no release of capital really makes me take a huge step back. I'll stick with bcc for now.


I know that feeling. There's a new kid on the block(chain) Retmond (https://retmond.com) Take a look and tell me what you think.


they have "profit-managers". nope. to many humans ups the cost of operation considerably. are they the ones doing all the speculating in the end? don't like it myself. the returns are pretty high when you have actually people working there. were does that money come from?

yes it is a big ponzi ,i don't think that they make real trades

trevon how about avalon life?

Yeah, my first capital release is around Christmas.