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My hard work is finally starting to pay off





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it started paying off when you quit your job..

soak that shit up man u been working hard n deserve it.... respect!

I used your code the last few days mate and will be using it again tonight!

This is my Genesis mining code "xbuJQz"

work hard retire early =D

You and Craig vacationing together! Couldn't pick a better couple of days to just relax!

I hope you guys have a great time in Miami! Really trying to emulate what you guys are doing. I'm hoping one day I can meet you and Craig and at the very least shake your hand and say thank you. Keep up the great work...

You are doing great @trevonjb I am so glad and happy for you. This is an example of consistency and smart investment. Keep steeming , buy more steem and power up to more success.

Amazing View it is!!

So nice bro! Keep that hard work going man! That view looks right and I bet if feels right too.

yeahhhhhh good to see the hard work paying off you came a long way

I'm happy for you bruh, you give alot and that's why you will continue to have alot! "Keep Steeming" @extramoney

Reaping what you sow!!!
Keep doing what your doing.
Blessings to you!!

Looks like you have a great view! Then again it's pretty hard not to get a great view of something down in Miami! ;)

Hello @trevonjb I have almost a month in steemit and the truth yesterday I started to see your content and I look very informative, I hope to learn from your content.

that's an amazing view we always have to work hard thanks a lot for sharing and keep on posting ;)

Amazing view. Upload more pic dear. It is fun to watch them and get inspired. Also have a look at my India tour post.


That is a very nice Place :D Loved it. And hard work the majority of the time pays of. So congratulations.

Very nice @trevonjb I joined Steemit three weeks ago and they recommended me to follow you to learn about the platform. Until now I do not regret it!

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 23.40.25.png
Illuminati confirmed 👁


Can you have a word with my wife and let me quit my slightly above minimum wage job so i can lead the TJ life

Nice digs. Awesome view. Things are looking up for you.

you and @craig-grant are driving us crazy here ...8-O

Congratz . Putting effort on what you want always get you somewhere . In this case your living the life . Feel happy 4 you ,defenitly you hard work paid off great . Keep it up bro;)

These photos really inspire me to work hard.

You definitely deserve this bro. Enjoy the good and Steemin' lyf!(•̀o•́)ง

Good to know this. Hard work mostly pay off. Nice pictures and you are enjoying.

This is great man, i so much wish that good life "HERE"

It's awesome. I'm jealous but not hating. How about a few upvotes from the dream team?

Please contact Steemit! Let them know people are re uploading your stuff TrevonJB. This site is going to hell with spam bots, and outright fraud. I hope they fix it soon.

All those steems had to be spent somewhere!! ;)

Love it!!! Thanks for share this moments...

Nice photos. Amazing location.

Ahh you're makin' us jealous haha :D Awesome photos.

That looks nice I like the view.

Those are great views from the hotel. Enjoy! :)

Wow beautiful, nice view. Thanks for sharing.

Awesome sauce . . .

goodjob :)

Nice @trevonjb !
That's a nice looking place to stay!
Looks beautiful out there.
Did you all get out to the water yet?

Beautiful. Wishing you and your fam the best vacation ever!

When you get out of your work, pay this off
Thank you for sharing postings, success for you.

Yes it is! Enjoy it!

EEEEE I see you having fun now......"Enjoy it you deserve it"

Good hotel. Very soundly sleeping there

You deserve it! Enjoy your holiday :)


Well done you deserve it.

Congratulations! You deserve it :)

yessir Miami Nights! aye mark my words Ima meet with Craig and Trevon I'm on way to the Top! Boss Life

  ·  4년 전

Wonderful view @trevonjb

"Dat Boy Gifted"


Yours Truly,


They say make hay when the sun shines. Just make sure to save some hay for a rainy day.

Very classy hotel Tre - nice to see you reaping the rewards of all of your hard work! I saw you earlier today with Uncle Craig in another video and look forward to more episodes of my two favorite Steemians together!

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So dope! What a view!

real cool hotel. Love miami. giving you a follow.

Yea man keep up with the good work every hustler has a pay date. You can see your good work has started paying you off now that's the signs. More greese to your elbow bro keep working @ trevonjb

Congrats man! Enjoy it!!!

Wow, congratulations man! Enjoy your vacation!

Tell your girl to take a break from the sink on vacation.👍 She probably won't though.

Looks very luxurious :-)

@trevonjb I am happy for you - isn't it a great feeling - bask in it and enjoy!!!
By the way, i used your code to start with Genesis mining - here is my code for one of your next upgrades - lkjBfb.
Thanks in advance

WOW! Nice view bro! Cheers!

Now that is how you know when you're living that crypto fabulous life! Damn ya see them white leather and blue going, Congrats Tre 😎

love it :)

Livin' the steem dream man!

You deserved it bro!!! Cheerrrs

That's that crypto lifestyle. Moving on up!

Its good when one sees the hard work pay off.
Its a really good feeling.
You should just enjoy the moment and take some time to reflect and relax.