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In today's video I show you guys a new way to spend over 50 altcoins with a special debit card. If you need the link to sign up you can go here: http://bit.ly/gettacard

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look @tuvokhl... @trevonjb likes to flag without a comment.
i allways write a comment if i flag.
he is just strong for now.

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you started so.....it's your fault. :/ i just made a comment.. A fact is a fact.

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He was being facetious. Your downvote didn't affect him at all. In fact he made almost $20 responding to your comment.


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@trevonjb don't let it get to you. just keep doing what you're doing! Remember, winner's keep winning!

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I have nothing but respect for Trevon. I just made a comment and he flagged me. It's cool, but what goes around comes around. :)


@trevonjb and @paco y'all should try to keep it cool. leave malice to the girls.


am interested i will join...


How can I downvote? :) ( It's for a friend)


on the right upper side is a flag. just click on that.


its basically pooping on someone.. the two story outhouse

I have used AdvCash to spend bitcoins in store or withdraw from ATMs. Just deposit your btc and it gets converted to $. Then you can just transfer money to your card and go withdraw or spend it.


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I need to pick up this card. It would be nice to spend alt coins without having to change them to btc then fiat.

This Payza debit card sounds great. I'll try looking into to getting one soon to be able to spend cryptocurrencies with a debit card.

don't know who would use 50 altcoins!!!lol

I'm about to get one but the link is not working 😢😂


what are the fees for the card? xapo kills you with conversion and misc fees


No worries, it's fixed now :)

@steemcleaners, why don't you stop this guy and his daddy @craig-grant when all the ever do is spam the sh*t out of their page and post referral links


seems like someone is pissed off... ))) key phrase "their page"

Just watched it, very interesting! I'll look into getting one when I'm done reinvesting all my profit haha

Cool card. Is it capped at a certain $ value per day or month?

That's what i need man. Thanks for sharing


what you need is something like TenX that does this automatically without having to shapeshift altcoins to usd. Also it does it near instantly.. not 24hrs haha.


When will TenX be available in the USA?


It is currently in beta but hopefully soon, you can see videos of it in action on youtube. In the USA you could get a Coinbase Shift card right now or a Wirex.

This is definately going to change everything. Thanks for the heads up. @trevonjb

A friend of mine got one of these cards, or something similiar to it, he was talking about it being an easy way for people to use cryptos

could be promising if it catches on


I think it's expensive and that we should move the other way around, get merchants to accept crypto. And the best way to do it? Blockpay.

And if we all love steem then maybe it should run the next darkmarket?

MAke sure you all post on tre page I upvote all the good stuff here

Tre, I'm really loving the videos you've been putting out lately. There's more value and that's the reason I subbed to you on YT in the first place. Keep it up!

It's a good idea but the fees are way too high. They even charge you to check your balance and for each swipe. I think Bitpay is a better option. You can shapeshift your altcoin into your BTC address on Bitpay.


i do agree like peole are overlooking the fees even they charge you when you want to change your pin number for the card,its a good card but the fees wooo.....

I have heard good things about Bitwala too, and damn i missed the giveaway i usually get an SMS but that has not been happening lately, thanks for the vid @trevonjb

Payza, had been relegated due to bitcoin, now with this news, gives a large balance against their direct rivals

Yes! I will definitely get one of these for my wallet! But it's hard to spend Crypto when I just want to buy more!

This sounds good. I have a Payza account, but I've not been using it to the full potential. Definitely plan on applying for this card soon!

That's a great news @trevonjb. Thanks for educating the community with such information. I wasn't knowing about it, will give a shot. Though wasn't knowing you were born in 1920, seems to be you are the real Jesus of SteemIt.
Keep up the good work mate. Cheers!!!

You make the best expressions (faces)

Do you just do everything Craig does a day later? lol


you do it better than Craig tho, he just talks about the flow haha

Is this one better than TenX Pay token's card?

We're getting close to not needing the sale step. So close.

Thanks for sharing and the walkthrough.




Thanks for that great video and cool information have a nice day :) upvote and resteem

Great post as always @TRE! 100% UPVOTE!

Hey, just a quick question. I fell for the Bitwala lie that you can spend around 45 or so altcoins with their card. Then when I got their card and got things rolling I found out that I needed to change my alts into BTC on Shapeshift to be able to spend them. Anybody can use Shapeshift to change alts into BTC, then fund one of the numerous BTC cards out there with BTC. Is this one different?

Thanks @trevonjb for sharing this Debit Card information..will be very helpful in withdrawing crypto earnings.

Steemin some cash!

Crazy fees..i just tested this by sending some LTC they firstly had the rate incorrect and then whats worse they chare a so called "Foreign Exchange rate" of 2.5% ..i actually spoke to one of the reps :

Queue: My Account Support
Why are the Btc and Altcoin rates incorrect?.When are the rates taken from?
Your site is showing the current Bitcoin rate as 2668.8046 USD when infact it is $2766.07

Welcome to Payza's Online Customer Support chat, my name is Faizan and I'll be pleased to assist you.

Give me just one minute while I access your Payza account


I already transfered some Litecoin which was not the correct rate so i would like to know when you update your Bitcoin and Altcoin conversion rates so i can avoid outdated rates

Please note: The foreign exchange rate includes a 2.5% fee above the wholesale exchange rate at which Payza obtains its foreign currency. Exchange rates are adjusted regularly.

Bitcoin and Altcoins are not foreign

you can justify that for Euro/USD etc but not for Digital Assets..can you explain why there is also a 2.5% fee attached to digital assets?

If you are converting Bitcoin within your Payza account. Payza will going to charge 2.5% fee.

So it isnt a foreign exchange rate it is just a fee for converting Cryptocurrency to Fiat correct?


which no other debit/Gift card cryptocurrency enabled company charges. I have many debit/Gift cards that enable digital assets and you are the first that charges a fee......anyway thanks for the information

Is there anything else that I can assist you with.

no thats fine thanks


thanks for sharing


Hope for best man keep sharing good content man thanks for sharing :)

I'd like to order one of these cards, but I live in USA. Can Americans get the card too? The reason I ask is because I found that many altcoins are not accepting payment from American banks, but not sure why..


Welcome to the future of crypto currency, that's soo cool!!


Agreed. Crypto is almost as cool as you.

Will try this out. Thanks for the info.

Wickedly informative! Gotta get dat!

Just watched it, very interesting! I'll look into getting one when I'm done reinvesting all my profit

Great article Trevon. Looking into the card. By the way I started an investment in bitconnect with your link today. I'm glad you are getting money. You deserve it. I have learned a lot from your youtube videos.

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check out TenX, they also have a debit card which uses crypto. Looks very promising to me

This is really cool , one thing i dont like is the 24hours aspect, looking at PAYZA i like the idea but there are so many other ways to do this.

Personally i use https://spectrocoin.com/en/

they have a visa debit card that they send you and its really convinient , you can get payed in more than 50 types of cryptos. there 2 main coins are bitcoin and dash and when you send any crypto thats not bitcoin and dash it will be converted to one of those coins which you choose.

the best part it the load is instant, once you are ready to load the card you go on the website and you exchange the btc or dash for usd, euro or gbp (there is a gold option too) and you can use your cash with your visa debit card.

then there is

ive seen others use this one and the procedure is similar but im not to sure cause i dont personally use it

There is https://bitpay.com/

which are all new some work differently some spend pure BTC (which is a hasttle) and some use there own tokens.

So look around see what you like


none of them are available in USA

  ·  3년 전

Just BitPay from the list above and you already have that.. It's funny that the US is supposed to be more FREE than other places but when it comes to the financial industry -- our "protections" can get in the way of our ability to profit like other people around the world are allowed to.


consumers need the protection first and foremost

  ·  3년 전

97% of them do. Those with a certain net worth are free to exempt themselves from that "protection".

Hey trevon how are some people getting in trouble for bitconnect videos and some are not? Thanks for you time, love your videos

Great post... already ordered :)

Signing up now! you and craig joining forces to push certain stuff or is Payza just good?

This is very interesting cryptocurrency is here to stay .you are doing a good job bro.

cool video.. might get one after the bitcon hard-fork issue settles down..

The only issue with this that it may lead to government gaining more information on how much you really are earning.

Thanks for this information but why can I get debit card?

Can I use this card in Nigeria

Great video, thanks.

Really! I was searching for this type of debit card for a long time! I definitely gonna try this out.Thanks for sharing this man!!

How does the limit work? Nice post

@trevonjb how does this compare to the others on the market and the likes of TenX and Monaco? I tend not to click links.. so if you got a name for it, I'll look it up.. Thanks

There is a article published in my blog at @mohammedfelahi that:

" Singapore Startup Counts on Visa to Take Bitcoin Into Real World " toda 7/24/17.

thanks for sharing this information and this post

how can I acquire more likes into my steemit account faster?

Thanks for the info @trevonjb

Oh!! Payza started to accept Crypto? and it looks like it does since long time too.... few years ago, I had account at Payza but one day they sent to me a message like "We Can't Support Your Country 'Libya' Anymore"... I was angry even though I had only $1 in it.

But now I don't hate them for closing my account, I know that decision was as hard for them as it was hard for me... It's more like USA forced these companies to not support our Country.

@trevonjb today i heared 5 or 6times about it,,i will join

yes thats great info. safe and easy?

I'm bout to get one soonish!
Wish me luck ;)
Do check my profile

Thanks for another informative post.

Informative Post

This is amazing. I just sign up. When I wanted to verify my account, I get"Your account does not require verification at this time". It seems after receiving or sending $500.Nice. Thank you for sharing.

This looks so fantastic! I'm super intrigued..

What a great business maneuver for Payza to pioneer this approach...

Does it work on the inverse? Can you deposit dollars for altcoin?

Sounds fantastic can anyone have one , cheers mike

pretty cool bro

Hello @trevonjb! I didn't know that Payza offers this possibility. Good option, thanks for this advice :)

Grateful I stumbled upon your youtube channel;)
Keep up the great work!! xoxo

good brother....Really smart, thankyu

Thank you for the information. Payza is a credible payment processor. They have high fees, but they are one of the few that will fight against fraudulent online thieves.

All the best!

Que cabron!!

This is badass thanks for sharingthis find!

It looks like a good way to streamline the process and it's one more step towards legitimizing the crypto world. I am a little hesitant about the personal information trail it leaves but it gets the job done and if cryptos are to make the next step, officializing the owner is necessary I suppose.

Hey dude, your videos are awesome and you really help the newbie on steemit :)

Hey @trevonjb can you have a look on this post of mine where I am trying to gather fund for a cancer patient. And she is my university. I hope you get some time to check out this post. Thank you! :)

votame y seguime hago lo mismo, pon upvote

That seals with clubs banner at the bottom of your post. I made that. Lol I designed M and seals team a whole mess of them. Was about a year or two ago. Crazy to see it now. I been on seals since the begining. Havent played though in a long time. GRE3N on seals, what's your handle?

What a cool card, thanks for showing it to us. Am gonna register to get it

I just watched your video about steemit man. Keep it up!

great stuff finally we can bypass those extra service charge between wallet and exchanger ....

I was just searching for the best option to spend crypto money with a credit card, and the best of all is that i allready have Payza Account, sweet!

Thanks for the information man I am always eager to learn more about products developed for the blockchain by people who believe in a new world, this will be a big boost to my life cheers bud!!

Free debit card! thanks for the hook up on this. I love your youtube channel! you are funny as hell

thanks sharing this information

I wish I had one of these cards last month. I tried to buy a Ghostbusters Pro pinball machine from BMI Gaming as advertised here that they take Bitcoin. However, after submitting their ridiculously long order form, I found they have dropped Bitcoin as a payment option and I guess, still to this moment, have not updated their damn website. It still worked out though, as a buddy of mine sold me his The Shadow pinball machine for a much better price.

if its real and it works... the fee is reasonable... good looks homie we'll see!


Hey @trevonjb this is a little off topic but how does the getting sponsored part work on steemit? Thanks for answering :)

I'll look forward to it, If it has lower fees, I'd check that. For now I am using Xapo debit card and it works just fine.

Seria genial que eso llegase a estar disponible aqui en Venezuela

What's the name of the card ?

Dude! That is amazing. Great tutorial. I am very interested in getting one of these cards. I was looking at credit/debit cards that allowed this feature but they all had very expensive fees and transactions. I am going to take a look at this one now and probably hook myself up with one of these cards.
Thank you so much for this tutorial!!!

that dope omg
Thank for sharing

Yo T.. cool stuff

I'm definitely getting one of these cards!

pretty cool :)

stunning thanks for sharing such a precious information. upvote & resteem.

Alt coin debit card BABYYYY

Thanks for this!!

Everyday a new name I hear!
tf is an ALTCOIN now!!

Your videos are great even if there was no steemit I would still watch you on youtube

wow you down vote relay hurt..
upvote and resteem

This is very cool. The deeper I get into Crypto the more confusing it seems to be. This makes it easier.

es genial amigo!! debes votar mis post y seguirme!

Very very good

I'm new to steemit, but I have been trying to learn about the whole crypto currency movement and I love it. Your post about the use of altcoins for debit cards for day to day transactions is very important info in the continued growth of the whole cryptocurrency movement beyond just bitcoins. Keep it up.

Thanks for this information @trevonjb. I will definitely be ordering this one. If its as smooth as you say, I will be telling my buddies about this one. Thanks big hommie

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what about TenX?

Check this out

I'm new to Steem, thanks for the inspiration! Please come check out my posts, too! Upvoted, followed :)

Hey check my blog im currently starting here in steemit and it's so hard to get some followers and upvotes.

At first i was like what

amazing video !!

Good post. Very informative and useful to readers. Got really good information. This is really of great benefit to Steem community. Applying for my own card. Will continue to follow post.

Wow i wanna get one !

  ·  3년 전

Wow! !!!!! Nice post @trevonjb
I just resteem your post

Thanks for the information @ trevonjb, I have several altcoins I will try!

hey tre, you trust them with your real social? seems weird they would ask that.

Retreemed, i really