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Bitcoin and the altcoins are taking another dive today. In todays vlog I talk about what I expect moving forward.


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Scary! Thanks for the update on this!

Happy Birthday, man !
I upvote this @ my full power. That's all I can do
I can not subscribe - as I already did that LONGGGG ago :)
Have a good time!

Yes.. they are going down, but nothing to worry if you are invested in good coins like Steem, ETC or BTC.

pullback is always a very good thing tho.. pull back then a nice push forward. It is nice to see BTC sit around 2600-2900 tho good profit if played right.

o ya and happy birthday man

Good one again today Tre, Happy BDAY brotha!

Wait until Friday when the markets close, the bored traders will jump on the coin game again and it will rise again. ETH 350 almost, thinking a quick buy and sell at 400 again is an easy play! What you think?

@trevonjb, happy birthday to you. Good video. As you already know, cryptocurrencies price will never be contant hence we can never make money on altcoins..either you loose or you gain thats the reality. I am however bullish on steem and bitcoin. Enjoy your day..

Happy Birthday, Trevon!

Do you think BTC is going to make it to 3k soon? I think lately a lot of rumors are spreading that could harm the "popularity" of the cryptocurrencies again. You are saying that this crash won't be that bad but it seems that this kind of things could eventually lead to the BTC going below 2k again :S

Enjoy the rest of the day!

There is a dip across the board not only cryptocurrency, XLF and XLE also showing weakness as they are in red. Probably the tightening by the Fed as they increase interest rate may not have been perceive by the market as a good one. All three major indices are in red. The precious metals Gold and Silver are just managing to keep it green. So its just uncertainty across the broad. What is interesting, the drama within the cryptocurrency space isn't helping so people are not seeing it as a safe haven....June 16 is also upon us, so people are in a wait and see mode, probably trying to protect theirs gains.

I'm new to all of this; started buying BTC in January; when it just hit $1k and fell down to $800 - after I bought in, I've noticed that this is just what it does; It goes up, hits an all time, Falls ... then creeps back, hits the all time again, passes it ... then falls ..... then creeps back up

wheres all this etherium hype. i didnt see it rising while btc was falling. btc is still the big dady.

Happy Birthday to you!

Thank yoy Trevon James! I am here to talk to youuuu about intangible coinssss. Haha. I watch your youtube and try to wake up early enough to catch your live streams. I found steemit thru you and want to say thank you sir!!!!

Trevon, you should consider uploading more often. I always enjoy your content. :)

I'm scared I'm scared ahhhh , Nah hold them coins, just chill and watch then go party :) Happy Birthday for yesterday !!!!!!

HBD @trevonjb !!! ima sends you a lil steem to get u a little closer to that LEGEND status!!!

You're the next Jerry Banfield man! haha....I enjoy your vlog! Keep it up!

my favourite sentence from trevor "whats up everybody?"

most are in red.nobody know whats gonna happen

Hi Trevon, Happy bithday,

When do you think we're going to see the flippening? Win 10 STEEM :) my link below:


Correction I think :D
We go to 5000 right? :)

To those FUDers hard fork lovers

Happy birth day ,brother 🙂🙂🙂🙂

Man i lost a bet that it was going to go for sure past $3200 by the end of the month! I sure hope it does go up to $5000 before the end of the year :(

Its fine, perfect time to buy!

Wow didn't know that you share your birthday with Donald Trump! I've been noticing that BTC and the alts have been falling lately but a bear market like this during the week usually means a pretty good pump over the weekend! Let's see BTC get to $3000 this month and good times for ETH and all the alts - keep up the faith!

Very informative and helpful . Thanks

Happy birthday, god bless!

Happy birthday! Thanks for making me chill out a bit about the ethereum. Just got to ride it out and hope it goes back up.

If you are making money. the time to cash out is when it is high.

maybe a big correction before a big breakout =D

i like your post, thanks for sharing

Pullbacks are healthy. Every asset has correction. Bitcoin is not exception.

Happy Birthday Legend! I started watching your videos last week and all of a sudden my husband's on BitConnect and I'm on Steem. Thanks for spreading your wisdom and advice!

Buyin' on the dips for the long haul, bro. Shark teeth on the charts...No worries....

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