Propagation of Herbs

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I have a couple of herbs growing in my window sill apartment, They are mint, basil, rosemary and scallions. Rosemary is my most used herb in cooking, while mint and basil, I usually just munch them or include them in salad.


It’s handy to have them right in your kitchen and they are really delicious additions to dishes. They are a natural decoration and improve air quality too.


I recently grew a scallions, I soaked the roots in a jar with water and transferred them eventually in a pot. I propagated basil and mint by cutting the stem. It was my first time to propagate these herbs and was surprised how easy it turned out. I chose one with a long stem and soaked the bottom part in a small jar with water, like you do when you put a fresh flower in a vase.

Earlier, I checked if they were successful, and found a pleasant surprise.
My propagated basil has started to get roots. It has been just over a week since I put them in a jar. I have changed the water and waited for the roots to grow longer, about 2 inches more and I will transfer it into a pot.


The mint hasn’t started yet, I think it takes time to grow roots, about 3-4 weeks. Hopefully by next week and I'll just wait for them until they are ready to re-pot.

I will try to propagate rosemary soon, fingers crossed, hope it works. I bought these herbs in the nursery and it’s my first time to have herb propagation, seeing them successful is special to me, a sense of joy and pride. I used them in some of my posts, It gives the photo a natural and beautiful look.



Oh, well I’m dreaming with endless fresh herbs in my kitchen, That’s lovely!


What herbs or plants are you growing?

Thank you and I wish you a wonderful day.

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Growing food to prepare amazing dishes - so yummy


Indeed, sustainable and self fulfilling. Thank you.